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Childproof in the bathtub - what it needs for bathing fun

As soon as the newborn's umbilical cord has dried, it's time for a bath. Most babies love splashing around in warm water and experiencing the weightlessness in the water that reminds them of the time in mummy's tummy. To make daily bathing a pleasure, the right bathing accessories are essential. Here you can find out which things are absolutely necessary for bathing fun.

Why do I need a shampoo protector?

For babies, a shampoo guard is not yet necessary, as you hold them in your arms while you bathe them in a childproof way. If your baby is already older and able to sit in the bathtub independently, washing their hair will be different. In this case, a shampoo protector is helpful so that the soap foam does not run into your baby's eyes when rinsing off the hair. Shampoo stings the eyes and causes the baby to move violently to get the foam out of the eyes. If it slips away and gets under the surface of the water, the next bath will not be without crying.

Why is bathing with a bath book so popular?

Your baby loves to play with and reach for objects even in warm water. Squeaking ducks and a bath book are the favourites in the bathwater. If your baby is still small, it can make its first attempts at grasping while bathing. If you have your hands free because your baby is already sitting safely in the bath, you can tell him a story with the bath book during the bath. Your baby will probably enjoy throwing the soft book out of the bath. You can pick it up and put it back in the water. Where it probably won't stay for long.

How useful is a bath mat?

A baby should never be left alone in the bath. There is too great a risk of the baby slipping while sitting and getting its head under the surface of the water. Even if your child can already sit up on its own, you should never take your eyes off it for a second while bathing. At this age, your child is not yet able to help itself if it gets submerged in the water. A bath mat makes the daily baby bath safe for children. Even when moving quickly, a bath mat makes it much less likely that the baby will lose its balance and fall over.

Why is it important to fit a changing table radiant warmer?

A radiant warmer is important because your baby is not yet able to maintain its body temperature on its own in the first few weeks of life. He or she cools down immediately, which can be dangerous when unclothed. This is why a radiant warmer is absolutely necessary in the summer months when your little one is still very young.

A radiant warmer warms the space on the changing table, so your baby doesn't have to freeze while changing and after bathing. You can take your time drying off, putting on lotion and getting dressed, because your child cannot cool down due to the warmth of the radiant warmer and will feel completely comfortable in the cosy atmosphere.

Why do I need a bath toy net?

Shortly after the birth, the first presents arrive from all sides. Just a few weeks later, you will notice how quickly many colourful things to play with accumulate. Everyone who comes to visit brings a little something and your stock of toys will grow quickly. Instead of setting up all the animals, cars and rubber toys that can be taken into the bath on the edge of the bath, put them in a net. This prevents chaos in the bathroom. Nevertheless, the toy is immediately at hand when your baby wants to play with it during bath time.

What about a bath thermometer?

Don't just rely on your gut feeling to determine the temperature of the bath water. You won't be able to tell if the bath water is 34 or 38 degrees with a hand sample. Even one degree difference can cause your baby to cool down in the water and catch a cold. This is where a bath thermometer comes in handy, as it is childproof and a popular toy at the same time. You also need a bath thermometer in case of illness. Instead of calf compresses, "descending baths" can be used to keep very strong fevers at bay. However, the temperature of the bath water must be closely monitored so that the child does not cool down.