Quality since 1922

Tested child safety

Protection from the start!

Pioneer and market leader in child safety

The past 100 years have seen numerous products from the house of reer. Many of them have been so successful that they have become classics that even today are indispensable in the baby household. This is proven by our inventions - from baby food warmers to children's window locks.

What we are particularly proud of is our market leadership in the field of small safety articles. Our quality and expertise in the areas of corner protection, cupboard protection, socket protection, furniture tilt protection, etc. allows us to achieve great effects with small products. We have sold over 62 million units of our socket protector alone and it is likely to be found in around 3 million households.

100 years of excellent
quality and safety

The socket protector from reer - a Swabian original

In 1975 Paul Mörk, owner of reer, had an idea. It is rarely noticed, but it can be found in almost every German household with children. And in many households it remains, even though the children are grown up: The socket protector from reer.
Swabian inventiveness and tinkering have been protecting the health and lives of young children for almost 50 years. They can live out their thirst for discovery and are protected from electric shocks.

Baby monitors from reer

A Swabian success story

The Plus X Award

In 2020, we were awarded the Plus X Award in the Baby Monitoring category. Our baby monitors have ensured particularly high customer satisfaction.
In 2021, we were delighted to receive the award again. Baby monitors from reer are still top of the line today.

Interference-free transmission up to 5 km

On holiday, let the child sleep in the hotel room and end the evening at the bar? No problem with the Walkie Talkie baby monitors. With a range of up to 5 km, even several walls and floors apart are no problem.
This is how another clever solution was created at reer and made the everyday life of families easier.

The Innovation Award

With the bébétel Bluetooth, we were able to win the Innovation Award at Kind & Jugend in 2005. Kind & Jugend is the world's most important trade fair for baby products. Reer products are also regularly among the finalists.

The first smart baby monitor

Baby monitoring via telephone or mobile phone is currently a big trend. App-controlled camera solutions such as the IP BabyCam are particularly popular. Baby monitoring via telephone or mobile phone was already possible in 2000 - with the bébétel from reer. 

The adjacent channel shield

With the NKA (adjacent channel shielding), reer achieved a real coup in 1994. Older baby monitors were wired or were not free of interference from noise. Tinkering and persistence were able to eliminate this shortcoming and reer brought the first interference-free baby monitor onto the market. 

The inventor of the baby monitor

Paul Mörk always had an eye for the needs of parents. We also owe the baby monitor to his realisation that parents are much more relaxed if they always have an ear on their baby. He developed the technology of the intercom further and thus invented the first baby monitor.

A Swabian family business

3 generations full of ideas

Tobias Mörk and Tim Lorenz

2022 - today: Future-proof market leader

Exactly 100 years after the company was founded in 1922, Tobias Mörk takes over the helm from his father as the new managing director, having already worked successfully as a reer catalogue model as a small child.
Together with Tim Lorenz, he thus secures the future of the family business and embodies the core value of safety of the market leader in the field of small-scale safety.

Rainer Mörk and Tim Lorenz

1992 - 2022: Expansion

With Rainer Mörk, the 3rd generation takes over the family business. He expands the company - to over 40 employees, 300 different articles and boosts sales in more than 30 countries.
In 2010, Tim Lorenz, another distinguished expert in the baby industry, joins the company and also becomes managing director.

Paul Mörk

1962 - 1992: The innovator

Paul Mörk, the nephew of Luise Reer's family, joins the company. Under his leadership, the company relocates to Leonberg.
Paul Mörk is the driving force behind the introduction of new articles. Generations of babies owe more safety to his inventiveness - and he has made everyday life easier for generations of parents.

Robert and Luise Reer

1922 - 1962

In 1922, the company Leyh & Bosch GmbH was founded in Stuttgart. In 1925, the company went to the engineer Robert Reer. It has borne his name since 1939. Initially, the company specialised in hot-air showers for hoovers - an innovative product at the time - and electric gas lighters.
When Robert Reer died in 1948, his widow Luise Reer took over the business and continued to run the company successfully.