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Why a changing table heater?

Babies and toddlers are not yet able to regulate their own body temperature. When changing nappies and after bathing, this means that your baby cools down quickly and gets cold. You will soon realise that your child is not feeling well. A radiant warmer should therefore be part of every basic set of equipment.

Advantages of a changing table heater from reer

  • Every changing table radiant warmer from reer is specially developed for babies and tailored to their needs
  • Can be used at any time when your baby is cold - be it after bathing, when changing nappies, when nappy changing or even when playing
  • Recommended by midwives (www.reer.de/en/midwife)
  • The heat levels are child-friendly and ensure good temperature distribution (medical device standard IEC 601-2-21)
  • Warms immediately and selectively without being too hot or too cold
  • The child does not overheat or sweat as the changing table radiant warmer quickly and effectively creates a feeling of warmth, making it cosy and warm
  • Prevents a drop in temperature, e.g. after bathing, and provides warmth quickly and effectively - helping to prevent colds
  • Thanks to the splinter protection of the heating tubes, the integrated tilt switch-off and the built-in automatic switch-off after 10 minutes, overheating and accidents are consistently prevented
  • Can be set up or mounted at exactly the right distance from the baby
  • Easy to operate, quick adjustment with pull switch
  • Blends seamlessly into the design of the room


A radiant heater from the DIY store often produces far too much power even on the lowest setting. This harbours the risk of the baby overheating and sweating. Despite the available heat after bathing and when changing nappies, your baby could still fall ill. DIY store radiant heaters should only be used on the patio, for example, as they heat the air there slowly and over a large area.

Why you can trust reer

  • Inventor of the changing table radiant warmer, 1997
  • German company since 1922
  • Over 100 years of experience in babies & safety
  • Manufacturer and specialist of products for the safety of babies and toddlers
  • Leading supplier of child safety products
  • We work together with experts from various fields and set new standards in the field of child safety
  • Products are regularly tested and inspected by independent testing institutes such as SLG and TÜV
  • Active member of DIN (German Institute for Standardisation) and founding member of the international alliance GACS (Global Alliance for Child Safety)

You're probably asking yourself, do you need something like this?

The answer is yes.

Babies get cold easily, especially on the changing table, and tend to react indignantly to the cold, protesting and crying a lot. These situations can be avoided with a changing table radiant warmer, as it radiates exactly the warmth that your baby needs. This ensures a clearly visible feeling of well-being for your little one - you'll see!

Stell es Dir einfach mal vor...

Your little darling is lying on the changing table, kicking his little feet. You're happy - if it weren't for that constant feeling of worry. Is your baby perhaps freezing after all, half-naked on the changing mat? Of course, you are also aware that babies are not yet able to regulate their temperature well - and are constantly worried about catching a cold.

But there is a simple solution to your worries: the changing table heater from reer!

You and your baby getting to know each other on the changing table. The radiant warmer provides gentle warmth and your baby feels cosy, wiggles its legs and you cuddle up together. You don't have to worry about your child getting cold, but can enjoy the time with them without any worries - a much nicer idea, isn't it?

What's the catch?

Honestly: there isn't one! Our changing table radiant warmers offer top quality, maximum safety for your baby and great value for money.

Give it a try, spend lovely, warm moments with your baby and create wonderful memories!