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Choosing a child safety gate

Are you looking for a child safety gate to protect your toddler from danger zones as they begin to explore the environment? Stairs, kitchen, etc.? Then a child safety gate from reer is the right product for you. Whether you're looking for a stair gate without drilling, a regular stair gate or a safety gate: with reer 'schild safety gates, you always have a stable and reliable solution in place.
All reer child safety gates have a swivel range of 180°. So you always have access to the gate's full width when open. This allows you to pass comfortably through the gate, even when carrying cumbersome objects.
All reer child safety gates feature a childproof locking system that can only be opened using two different movements, in accordance with various child safety standards. But reer child safety gates are still easy to open, since the opening mechanism can be easily operated with one hand. You can choose from a variety of locking mechanisms: automatic locking systems for child safety gates automatically relock, while manual locking systems ensure that the door remains open, so that you can repeatedly pass through without having to reopen it every time.
reer's child safety gates are also extendable and can therefore be used in many different homes. We also offer practical extensions for those of our stair gates that require drilling, since these can only be extended over a limited area due to their design.

Stair gates without drilling

While some safety gates are fixed to the wall, stair posts or a door frame with screws, stair gates without drilling only need to be clamped. Installation without drilling offers a practical and attractive option since no holes are left behind when the gates aren't needed any longer. This is an important factor to keep in mind when deciding which gates to purchase, especially for those living in rented flats.
Stair gates without drilling also present risks, however: the gate's door is mounted in its U-shaped frame. This frame is clamped to the staircase without the need for any drilling. However, the U-frame's floor strut poses a potential tripping hazard when the stair gate is open. This kind of gate should therefore only be used at the bottom of a staircase or as a door gate. Anyone who stumbles into a trip hazard at the top of a staircase has a long (and at the very least painful) way down.

What you should keep in mind with a stair gate

Any stair gate attached to the top of a staircase should always be firmly screwed to the wall. The holes may also have to be sealed with a little filler at some point, but the door can swing freely and there isn't danger of tripping. This is the essential difference to a stair gate without drilling, since in that case the door of the gate is mounted in a frame that is only clamped within the passage. In its open state, the floor element of the frame of a stair gate without drilling poses a potential tripping hazard – a risk that should be avoided at all costs when installing a gate at the top of a staircase. In these cases, you should opt for a stair gate that is firmly screwed to the wall.

Choosing the right door gate

If you want to permanently secure a potentially dangerous area of your home to protect your baby from any possible dangers, a door gate is the right choice. Do you want to make sure your child doesn't enter the kitchen, where hot stovetops, sharp knives and scissors, and poisonous washing powders are all stored? But you don't want to keep the door closed all the time, or maybe you don't even have a door in the passage to your kitchen? Then you need a door gate.
With door gates, you have the choice between models without drilling and those which are firmly screwed to the wall. Door gates without drilling are easy to install and leave no permanent marks. This is very practical since it leaves no holes in the door frame – something especially important in rental flats. Buying a new frame for the door is expensive. Save money with a door gate that doesn't require drilling and spend it on your child instead.
There are two things you need to keep in mind for clamped gates or gates without drilling: The door gate itself is mounted within a frame, and it is this frame that is clamped into the door opening. This leaves a strut on the floor when the gate is open, posing a potential trip hazard. In addition, you also must regularly check whether the clamp bracket is still fastened tightly enough. Door gates from reer have a built-in indicator for just this purpose. This uses a colour code to tell you at a glance whether the gate is correctly installed and still fits tightly enough.
If you want to install a screwed door gate but do not want to drill into the door frame, the Trend and ClearVision models also offer you the option of mounting "in front of the door". Here the door gate's brackets are screwed to the wall in front of the door and hung in place. Once your child is old enough to do without a door gate, all you have to do is seal the holes with a little filler.

Extensive range of accessories for safety gates

Stairs pose quite a challenge for the designers of safety gates, since there are stairs with cladding, stairs with brickwork frames, stairs with railings, stairs with square posts, with round posts, with thin bars, extra-wide passages, etc. You may see where this is going: with so much variety, some staircases don't allow for a safe and secure attachment of a safety gate, and sometimes it's merely a case of a baseboard getting in the way.
Fortunately, there are solutions for this, too: Using a spacer like reer's WallFlex, a safety gate can be attached even when there is a baseboard in the way. And the reer StairFlex ensures that you can attach your safety gate even if your railing is made up of round posts, rungs or other features that make installation a challenge. For attaching safety gates without drilling at the bottom of a staircase, the Y-Spindle is also available.

Great selection of materials for child safety gates

A metal stair gate is no more stable than one made of wood, so long as it is made well. Shake the door gate and you'll see for yourself. Are the rods loose? Then keep your hands away from that gate. Can you put your head between the rungs? Then the gate poses no real hurdle to children. reer's child safety gates meet the highest safety requirements and always offer stability and safety.
When choosing the material, you can freely decide what sort of door gate best fits in your home, or pick a stair gate that works in harmony with your landing. There are now even door gates and stair gates made of Plexiglas, to give your home a special touch.

A safety gate for your baby

And if you're looking for a safety gate for your baby, then you have come to the right place. Our Basic safety gate for babies is made up of three elements, allowing you to cover a range from 78.5 cm to 207 cm, with up to three corners. The Basic safety gate for babies is child's play to install. The door element and the two extensions can be connected to each other in any arrangement. They are simply plugged together and attached to the wall using a sophisticated click system. The three parts can be arranged at any angle to each other using the plug connectors, so you can easily keep your baby away from the oven or any other dangerous areas.
As the most flexible model in our range of gates, the MyGate model is also the perfect gate for blocking off ovens and other areas that may be dangerous for your baby. It consists of a door element and two different extensions, each of which can be purchased separately as required. The door element is 80 cm wide, and extensions for the MyGate safety gate for babies are available in lengths of 60 cm and 20 cm. Here, too, the mounting angle of the two elements relative to each other is flexible – up to a maximum of 270°. So you can connect as many door elements and extensions as you like to a safety gate – whether around an oven, for a particularly wide door or to cut across and divide a room. You can even build a large playpen for your baby using the MyGate safety gate.
As with all of reer's child safety gates, our modular safety gates feature a child-resistant locking system that requires you to perform two movements – but which can be conveniently operated with just one hand. A clever idea, perfectly executed to protect your children. Typically Swabian, typically reer.

Child safety gates on stairs for older children

For any child who is already more grown up, a stair gate used as a child safety guard on stairs is no longer an obstacle. Either your child knows how to open the clasp or they can climb over the gate. This can lead to dangerous situations. If this is the case, then it is time to remove the stair gate and find a new child safety guard for the staircase. Since your child is already steady on their feet and should have no problems climbing stairs, our self-adhesive anti-slip tape offers ideal protection for them. It prevents your child from slipping on the possibly smooth steps. This is an excellent product for protecting your child on the stairs, especially older children.