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Products for child safety: How to create a childproof home

Is your child's thirst for discovery and curiosity unbridled? That's good in principle, but your child can quickly get his or her fingers caught in a drawer or injure himself or herself when falling on the corner of a cupboard. Many such accidents can be prevented with the right child safety products. With simple tools you can make your home childproof.

What does child safety mean?

You don't want to "pack your little darling in cotton wool" because, after all, you don't want to curb their urge to discover. Children are not yet able to assess the dangers when they explore their surroundings and discover new and interesting things in the home. This is why it is important to make your home childproof. Almost 80 percent of accidents involving children occur at home. After all, 70 percent of these accidents could be prevented if the right child safety solutions were available. reer is the market leader when it comes to child safety products in the DACH region. The Swabian family business in its 4th generation has more than 100 years of experience and helps you to make your home childproof.

Why can you trust reer when it comes to child safety?

The company has received various awards for its inventions such as socket protectors, baby monitors and baby food warmers, including the EU Product Safety Award from the European Commission and the Plus X Award in the Baby Monitoring category in 2020. Due to the high level of customer satisfaction with the baby monitors, this award was given again in 2021. reer sets high quality standards for itself:
  • diverse safety experts are busy developing new products all the time to make your home child-proof
  • the product tests go beyond the specifications of standards
  • the company has its own testing laboratory with self-developed testing machines
  • reer carries out quality audits at suppliers and checks whether the high quality audits are fulfilled
  • with target group tests, the prototypes of the products are tested for everyday use by children's hands
  • the company is a member of DIN, Child Safety and Safe Kids

What are the solutions for child safety?

As a family business in its 4th generation, reer ensures with its products that you can childproof your home. These are the most important solutions for child safety:

Socket protector

With a socket protector you can make sockets childproof to protect children from electrical accidents. These socket protectors have been in use for almost 50 years without any accidents. With the screw-on or adhesive socket protector, you prevent children from sticking their fingers into the socket and suffering a dangerous electrical accident. A socket protector is indispensable for children from 0 to 30 years of age.

Cupboard and drawer guards

Cupboards and drawers are almost inviting for children, because they want to know what is hidden behind them. The danger is that children can injure themselves with knives or suffer poisoning from cleaning agents. With a drawer safety device, children cannot pull the drawers out of the cupboards during their first attempts to stand up. Cabinet guards prevent children from opening the cabinets when they crawl. Painful pinching of fingers is prevented.

Door and stair gates

Door and stair gates secure dangerous places like the kitchen from children and prevent falls on stairs, which are the greatest accident risk for children under four. These grilles can be fitted quickly and without drilling.

Corner protection

If your child falls, the corner of a cupboard can be a painful experience. To prevent this, you can use a corner guard on the cupboard to ensure that the fall is less serious.

Cooker guard

Your child explores the kitchen and does not spare the cooker. In the process, he or she pulls down the pot with the boiling pasta water and suffers painful scalds that take a long time to heal and often have lifelong consequences. You can make the cooker safe for children with a cooker guard.

Child safety on the road

Road traffic becomes more important for children the older they get. Suitable safety solutions are the most reliable way to prevent accidents.