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Protection from the start!

Growing: Quite sustainable

As a family company, we at reer take responsibility to ensure a world worth living in – both now and in our children’s future. The children’s dinnerware sets in the Growing range are a visible expression of our corporate philosophy and our sustainable interaction with our environment.

Growing again and growing with us

Growing means renewable: our products are made of a mix of materials: 80% of the material consists of renewable raw materials. These include sugar and other carbohydrates as well as wood fibres from Germany.

Growing means growing with you: Our dinnerware is suitable for learning to eat as well as for small big eaters. They are the faithful and long-lasting companion throughout childhood.


The sugar and other carbohydrates used are a by-product of food production and are not for consumption. Growing does not use resources that would be better suited to fighting world hunger. By the way: The wood fibres for this tableware are also by-products from sawmills and the like. No tree had to be felled especially for this tableware. Instead, previously unused resources are put to good use.


Unlike many plastic products, our tableware is free of BPA and PVC. We also do not use melamine in the production process. Thus, our products are heat-resistant and even hot liquids can be used with Growing products without hesitation. They thus make a valuable contribution to health protection.

Stainless steel vacuum flasks and insulated containers

Insulated bottles and keep-warm boxes last a lifetime. Their classic design makes them perfect for every conceivable use: from warm tea and baby porridge to muesli and coffee for the office, they are versatile. As faithful companions for a lifetime, you avoid waste - with the insulated containers from reer.

Our vacuum containers are robustly made and can be used for many years. They are the perfect alternative to disposable bottles, which end up in the rubbish after use. To minimise packaging waste, the bottles are sold unpackaged and are only provided with product tags, which are made from 100% recyclable kraft paper. To protect our earth and thus also the future of our children.

We recycle PET bottles for our Growing bags. This way they don't end up as plastic waste in nature and we save the finite resource of crude oil. Even better, this manufacturing process uses less water and energy.

rPET is recycled PET. For our use, disposable beverage bottles (those on which there is a 25 ct deposit) are broken down into granules and spun into a strong, water-repellent yarn as part of a recycling process. This can be used to make new products, such as our new pram and changing bag from the Growing range.

Factory Seconds: Repair instead of throwing away

Many orders in online retail are placed on approval. Sometimes the colour doesn't appeal, sometimes a product is smaller than intended, but invariably they are returned and far too often destroyed. This doesn't have to be the case, so we check as many returns as possible and offer them for sale again. This saves money and the environment.

Factory Seconds has already been sold once "on approval". It is fully functional and intensively tested by us. There may be slight damage to the box or the product may be delivered packed in a neutral box because product packaging is occasionally damaged during the shipping process. By purchasing a tested and safe B-goods product, you receive a fully functional device "like new", you save your wallet and the environment.