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Video Baby Monitors


Where can I find a baby monitor with camera?

Baby monitors with camera are becoming more and more popular. Parents want to make sure not only acoustically but also by means of visual monitoring whether their baby is really doing well and sleeping peacefully.
The video baby monitor from reer offers you all the functionalities that a modern video baby monitor can offer and even more. It has a high-resolution HD camera that transmits excellent images during the day and keeps you informed about how your baby is doing at night. For this, it has an infrared mode that automatically activates when light conditions call for it.
The video baby monitor from reer has two special features: Not only can the camera be moved back and forth via remote control, it also has a tracking mode: when your child moves around the nursery, the camera automatically keeps your child in focus. In addition, you can pair multiple cameras (available for order at our spare parts service) with one parent unit and thus keep several children in view at the same time.

Which baby monitor do I control via app?

The IP BabyCam is the smart baby monitor from reer. With data transmission via IP technology, you have worldwide access to the camera of the baby monitor (Internet connection required). Never worry again if the connection between you and your child can be lost because you are too far away.
Through the IP BabyCam's app, you can easily take a peek into the nursery without disturbing your child's sleep. Of course, the app has all the features of a video baby monitor: night vision, HD camera, motion and noise detection and, in addition, push notification and encrypted data transmission - for the protected connection to your child.

Which baby monitor is cheap and reliable?

All reer products impress with an excellent price-performance ratio. Even with our two inexpensive digital baby monitors Rigi Digital and Neo Digital, you get powerful baby monitors with up to 300m range and digital transmission technology - tap-proof and without annoying noise. Furthermore, these inexpensive baby monitors also offer convenient additional functions: ECO mode, VOX mode and range control.

Which baby monitor has the longest range?

The Care&Talk Walkie Talkie baby monitor from reer convinces with a range of up to 5km. Due to special radio channels and a high range, walkie talkie baby monitors are a helpful companion not only for home, but also on trips and excursions. With them you can find out if your older children sleep quietly in your bed.
Of course, all baby monitors from reer have a range control feature. When you activate this feature, you'll get a visual and audible warning when the connection between the parent unit and the baby unit of your baby monitor is about to break off. To reduce radiation exposure, the Care&Talk Walkie Talkie Baby Monitor also features a wired microphone that reduces radiation by up to 90%. In addition, the baby monitor has VOX function and ECO mode, range control, an adjustable microphone sensitivity, a night light and of course can be used as a walkie-talkie for older children.

Are reer baby monitors low in radiation?

 Many parents are worried, because we live in times of unprecedented radiation exposure: radio, TV, radio masts for smartphones, of course the smartphones themselves and the WLAN, which provides a lot of comfort, increase the radiation exposure, even in the children's room. Our wireless world is not possible without a radiation background noise. This is precisely why we at reer understand the desire of many parents to use the lowest possible radiation devices near their baby. We are continuously working to reduce the radiation of our baby monitors. Our low-radiation devices can also be further reduced in radiation through additional functions such as the VOX function and ECO mode.

Why does a baby monitor need an intercom function?

Your baby starts crying and you set out to soothe him. Sure, that's what a baby monitor is built for. But calming down often takes a while, and nothing has a more calming effect on your baby than your voice. With the intercom function of your baby monitor, you can calm your child down when you are on your way to the nursery and thus take away the fear that led to the crying much earlier.

What is the VOX function?

Baby monitors from reer feature the so-called VOX function. This is an intelligent voice activation. The baby monitor unit in the nursery switches to power-saving mode (which also reduces radiation exposure) and only transmits sounds to the parent unit of the baby monitor when your baby answers, for example, starts to cry (and the microphone sensitivity is adjustable).

What is the ECO mode?

We recommend using the ECO mode of the baby monitors from reer as soon as the parent unit of your baby monitor has found a fixed place, for example on the bedside table or in the living room. The ECO mode switches the baby unit of your baby monitor into standby mode. It then only sends test signals to check the range and activates automatically when a noise is heard in the bedroom (so-called VOX function).

What is FHSS?

FHSS means Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and refers to a digital transmission technology that guarantees an interference-free and crystal-clear connection. Multiple baby monitors no longer get in each other's way thanks to frequency hopping. The automatic channel change also ensures that your baby monitor is bug-proof.