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Tested child safety

Protection from the start!


For more than 20 years, reer GmbH has maintained close and trusting cooperation with midwives from all over Germany. We are united by the common goal of ensuring the safety and well-being of pregnant women, new mothers and babies. 


We consider midwives valuable advisors whose honest feedback helps us develop new products and improve existing ones. Their extensive expertise and practical experience are important cornerstones for the consistent development of the reer brand in line with current medical research.

Verifiably recommended by midwives

In the course of our cooperation, we focus on one thing above all: honest, constructive feedback. For this reason, we regularly conduct surveys to reach as many midwives as possible. The most recent survey took place in August 2023 - and once again confirmed that we are on the right track!


We surveyed 100 midwives. These are the results:

*EasyHeat, EasyHeat Flex, FeelWell and 2in1 FeelWell models

93% of the midwives surveyed recommend reer products to their pregnant women!

This result demonstrates one thing above all: The close cooperation with our midwives is already bearing fruit!

The quality of our products benefits from the expertise of our partners - and they benefit from our products at work.

Together we are stronger

Protection for the dearest thing in life - that is our goal. Our "Mama" product line is particularly tailored to fit the needs of expectant and new mothers offering helpful and practical products that sensibly accompany the healthy course of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The well-being of pregnant women, new mothers and their little darlings is our top priority - so why not rely on the profound knowledge of experts?

A common path into the future

Going into the future, we want to keep the close correspondence with our midwives alive - and ideally intensify it. Of course, this only works if BOTH sides benefit from each other. We therefore thank our midwives for their valuable input with special promotions, for example in the form of raffles. In addition, there is always the possibility to participate in our midwife program!

Our midwife programme

Are you a midwife and would like to work with reer? Then please contact us at: hebamme@reer.de