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Babies and small children are often afraid of the dark. This prevents them from falling asleep, even though sleep is so important. However, it should be as dark as possible in the bedroom to get restful sleep. Only then can your child's body produce enough melatonin - the sleep hormone. The perfect solution is the night light, which shines gently and drives away the dangerous monsters that would otherwise hide in those dark corners. A nightlight is bright enough to ward off monsters, while dark enough for restful sleep. When buying a night light, trust the quality of reer, the inventors of the nursery night light.

Why do you need a night light for your baby?

When you finally hold your little darling in your arms after nine months of exciting pregnancy, you are exhausted at first and have to get used to each other and get into a consistent daily rhythm.
You have lovingly decorated the nursery in advance so that your baby feels comfortable and you have certainly thought about LED night lights. In the first year, your baby does not yet know what fear is so they aren't generally afraid of the dark. However, it is important for babies to get into a day and night rhythm and night lights in the nursery can help with that. During the day, it's bright whether your baby is sleeping, nursing, or having a waking phase. At night the best environment is only softly and discreetly lit and the large ceiling lamp remains switched off.
Even babies perceive a variety of colours, so the  MyMagicStarlight with its gentle colour change can soothe your baby and gently drift off to sleep. A soothing light projection does the rest to make your baby's eyes heavy and create a relaxing atmosphere. Since a baby can also be lulled to sleep by soft music, you can connect this night light to your smartphone or PC and play completely any preferred sleep music for your baby in the nursery. 
Starlino is likewise a starlight projector - without a music box function, but a bit cheaper than its bigger brother. The Starlino night light projects many small and large stars on the ceiling, which inspire your baby with their bright colours and thus ring in and consolidate the ritual of going to bed.

LED - night lights - why they are the best decision

Children and nightlights belong together. LED nightlights have special advantages over more traditional light options, and will spread more than just pleasant light in your nursery. It's best to choose LED night lights because:

- they do not get hot, preventing burn risk
- they function without mercury or other dangerous chemicals
- they are energy efficient
- they have a long life

Why are LED night lights also important for you as an orientation light?

Children of all ages rarely sleep through the night. A baby wakes up more often than an older child and you have to go to the nursery more than once a night to breastfeed, change diapers or simply check on things. LED night lights for electrical outlets help light the way to your nightly destinations.  Often, when you need to go to your child at night, you are still half asleep. LED night lights in the hallway or nursery will help you avoid stepping on toys or stumbling over anything else. The motion sensor LED orientation light bathes the nursery or any other room in a soft light, and the dusk sensor saves electricity for you. The night light turns on when it gets dark and turns off again when it gets light. For a safe trip to your children's room, it is often also important that you have a portable light. For this purpose, reer offers you two different solutions that have been optimally adapted to the needs of young parents.
The NightGuide changing light is completely and conveniently portable. It reacts to movement and switches on automatically, for example, when you pull it out of the drawer of the changing unit or your bedside cabinet. It provides you with enough light for tasks like changing diapers at night yet it is dim enough not to blind you. It is also beneficial because it functions independently from the sockets, which are often located near the floor and can be a hassle to fiddle with late in the night.
The Mummy & Me LED nursing light offers maximum flexibility for parents of children who want to nurse or feed at night. With a handy clip, you can attach it to your nightstand for breastfeeding, for example, and turn it in different directions. That way, the soft soothing light always shines exactly where you need it without disturbing your sleepy mood.
Night lights for the socket as an orientation light or as discreet lighting for the night feeding time are pleasant and make it easier for your baby to get used to a day and night routine. Older children also need LED nightlights in the nursery to make bedtime an easy and pleasant experience for everyone.

What requirements do older children have for a night light?

Many children develop a fear of the dark around the time they turn one year old. This is a normal part of the developmental process that only very few children skip. When monsters lurk behind every shadow (especially under the bed), falling asleep can become a real ordeal. Fortunately, night lights from reer help combat the evil monsters and mysterious things lurking in the closet. The LED nightlights from the inventor of the nursery nightlight create a little island of light that keeps your child safe. When the night light glows in pretty colours, like our LED night light egg, monsters quickly become magical creatures, with glitter wings or brave superheroes who brave the darkness.
Children love stories to fall asleep, so once in a while, the bedtime stories could revolve around the funny night light MyLovelyMonster (or as we call him here: Gerd). The cute monster is anything but scary and keeps his fellow monsters in check under the bed with funny grimaces, while your child gets the well-deserved sleep that they need.
Bigger, really cool kids love the SleepLight LED night light. It acts as a nightlight to calm them down while they are trying to get to sleep and as a flashlight to help them find their way around at night with its useful portability. With this product, your kid can go to the bathroom all by himself at night when diapers are finally no longer needed - they grow up so fast. But even with younger children, this night light is practical because it helps you find your way around the nursery, a feat which becomes easy and pleasant for everyone with this product.