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Mosquito Nets for Pushchairs and Beds


Protect your baby from bees and wasps - childsafe with an insect screen from reer

Spring and summer are the best seasons to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. But how can you protect your baby from bees, wasps and mosquitoes? With an insect screen for the stroller or the baby car seat, you are guaranteed to be child-safe when you are out and about with your baby. You can also ensure a restful sleep with an insect screen for your baby's cot.

Why do I need an insect screen?

No matter whether you are outdoors or sleeping indoors, annoying insects can be a real nuisance. Especially unfortunate are small children who cannot defend themselves against bees, wasps and mosquitoes and are simply defenceless against them. Insect bites go from unpleasant to painful and can even become infected in the worst case. In addition, a bee sting can trigger an allergic reaction. With an insect repellent, you can reliably protect your child from bees, mosquitoes and the like.

Why can't I just use a spray or cream?

Intensely smelling oils promise to keep pesky insects away. However, you cannot keep all kinds of biting animals away from your child's skin with home remedies. If you are considering an insect repellent for your little one, you should know that delicate children's skin can be allergic to chemical ingredients in creams and ointments. You should only use such sprays or creams on your child's skin if it is absolutely necessary and there is no other solution. An insect net, on the other hand, does not have any drawbacks on your baby's health while continuing to keep small stinging insects away from your child in a natural way.

Why is a bee sting dangerous for my child?

Bee stings cause your baby a lot of pain. Such stings on small parts of the body, such as the fingers or toes, are particularly unpleasant. This is because bee stings usually swell up and cause severe itching. In addition, there is a lot of pain, which of course causes a lot of crying. Furthermore, a bee sting can cause allergic reactions and they like to sit on food. It's hard to imagine what would happen if a child got a bee in its mouth or swallowed it.

Why is a wasp sting dangerous for my child?

Wasps are similar to bees. A sting from a wasp causes pain and can also lead to allergic reactions. However, unlike bees, wasps can sting more than once. Each wasp sting results in a very itchy, painful, and reddened area that can also become inflamed.

Why is a mosquito bite dangerous for my child?

A mosquito bite is particularly dangerous for babies and small children. If it should happen, your child will cry and scream a lot because of the pain and they will also try to scratch the site of the bite. Scratched mosquito bites are easily infected because germs and dirt can get into the wound. Your child may not sleep well at night because of the itching. All in all, one or more mosquito bites mean a lot of unpleasant suffering for your child.

How do I protect my baby from bee stings, wasp stings and the like?

To protect your child from insect bites from bees, wasps and mosquitoes, it is important to use insect protection that is light and breathable. At the same time, it should provide protection. Ideally, the insect net for the pram, the baby car seat or the cot should have an elastic band. This ensures a perfect fit and prevents small, flying insects from getting through the net. This makes the pram and infant carrier particularly child-proof.

How can I protect my baby from the sun and insects?

It is particularly advantageous to get an insect screen for your child that also protects against the UV light of the sun. In this way, you can childproof your baby's car seat or pram and protect your little one from bees, wasps, mosquitoes and the sun. In addition to our products for protection against insects, we offer a unique product that serves as both an insect screen and a sunscreen. Simply take a closer look at the ShineSafe Bite insect screen in our online shop. With this insect net, you can also protect your baby from the sun.