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Always warm food: baby food warmer from reer

As a new parent you know the problem - you are unsure if the milk has the right temperature, is it too cold or even too hot for your baby? Does your child often take breaks during feeding, so that you have to heat up the milk again? The baby food warmers from reer solve these problems easily and quickly, because they bring your baby's food to the perfect temperature within minutes!

What is a bottle warmer anyway?

A bottle warmer is a small, handy device that makes your everyday life with baby much easier. With clever technology, your bottle of milk or a jar of baby food is gently warmed within a few minutes. There are different types of baby food warmers for this purpose.

Which bottle warmers are there?

There are devices that gently heat baby food within 5-6 minutes using the water bath technique. For this, you just need to pour some water into the bottle warmer up to the specified mark and then put the bottle in it, the heating water will then release the energy to the bottle, thereby gently warming the contents.
The second type of milk warmer can use steam to bring the milk or baby formula to the perfect temperature in just one minute. Milk is heated more evenly than porridge due to convection (automatic rolling of the liquid by temperature), because the more liquid the contents are, the better the heat is distributed.
The advantages of both models are obvious: the devices with water bath technology heat your child's food particularly gently, while the steam-powered bottle warmers work all the faster for it.

What should you pay attention to?

The handling of the baby food warmer from reer is simple - you can not do anything wrong, because the settings on the device are kept very clear. However, you should still briefly test whether the food has a comfortable temperature and due to the germ formation, it is recommended that the milk is not kept warm in the milk warmer for more than an hour. You should also not keep baby porridge in the bottle warmer for longer.

What about the compatibility of the bottles?

reer strives to keep all of its devices compatible for common bottles, so most bottle shapes can be used for the bottle warmer. So you see, in any case, a reer baby food warmer is the right choice!

How does the bottle warmer work?

Typically, all you have to do is plug it in, fill the water up to the correct mark, place the bottle or jar in the bottle warmer, and use the dial on the front to set the correct temperature or setting.

After you have familiarized yourself with all the points, you will have realized that a reer milk warmer is a wonderful addition to your everyday life with your little darling. Just imagine the change: No more standing in the kitchen with a screaming baby in your arms, no more desperately cooling the bottle under cold water while your child is kicking hungrily, but completely relaxed heating the bottle in your own bottle warmer without having to worry whether the milk is too hot or too cold. A dream that you can easily fulfill yourself with reer baby food warmer.