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Heavy traffic, the child in the car. Concentration. And suddenly the baby is crying. Is their bottle gone? Or is the sun in their eyes? You can't do anything now. Still, you're constantly looking behind you. A car organizer and a sunshade in the car would have saved you that. With a car mirror, a quick glance would be enough. In the car, order and safety go hand in hand.

Which sunshade in the car?

Sun protection in the car can be as simple as a cloth clamped in the window. Due to the screen, it does not get so hot and your child is not blinded by the sun. However, such a sunshade flutters in the car and slips over time. It also does not protect against dangerous UV radiation. A sunshade with a sun protection factor (SPF) 50+ is a better choice. It is easy and safe to attach and protects against bright light and sunburn.

Which side of the sunscreen faces inside the car?

Either side works perfectly fine, so whichever side faces inside or outside the car has no effect on the screen's sun protection. However, the sunshade for the car is often beautiful to look at. The colourful images should provide an interesting distraction for your child while you are driving. So the decoration should face inward, where the child can see it well.

Why do I need a safety mirror for baby in the car?

If your baby sits in a backwards-facing child seat, then the safety mirror is the only way for you to see your child. This way you can make sure your baby is okay while driving. The car mirror is slipped over the headrest of the rear seat and can be seen through the rearview mirror. If the child is sitting facing forward, an additional car mirror on the windshield allows you to see your child without needing to adjust the rearview mirror.

Why are flat mirrors not used as safety mirrors?

The additional car mirror always has a curved surface because the curvature enlarges the view, thus allowing the smaller mirror to provide a larger field of view.

What makes the mirror a safety mirror?

Safety mirrors are made of plastic materials. Unlike glass, there is no risk of injury from shards. The attachment is also important. The mirror must not slip or even fall on the baby. Otherwise, it is useless or could even become a danger for the child.

Why an organized car so important?

If you are on the go with your child, you usually have to bring a lot of things with you. Every loose object must be secured. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury, and not just in the event of an accident. Even when braking, loose objects can be thrown through the car and hit you or your baby. Or something can roll under the pedal, which can be life-threatening if you have to brake quickly.
In addition, car organizers help your child to take his or her favourite and necessary items into his or her own hands. If that doesn't work, it's up to you. This distracts you and can lead to accidents. In any case, any trip is far easier with a car organizer.

How do I keep my car organized?

reer offers various car organizers to keep things tidy when you are on the go with your child. A back seat organizer keeps water bottles and small toys sorted within reach of little hands. A box for larger items can be secured next to the child's seat thanks to an anti-slip bottom and extra strap system. A protective car seat pad protects the car seat from damage and contamination and provides extra support for your child when sitting on slippery seats.

Those travelling with children are all the more concerned about safety. A sunshade in the car, car mirrors and car organizers make the ride more pleasant for you and your child. But by keeping things organized, you also ensure increased safety. Whether sun protection in the car, additional car mirrors or car organizers. They all contribute to a trouble-free and therefore safe ride.