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Off to the bath - safe bathing fun

Bathing is a great pleasure for babies because the warm water feels so pleasant on the skin. You can find everything for the perfect bathing experience here.

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When should a baby start bathing?

The right time for baby's first bath is about 6 to 8 weeks after birth. When the umbilical cord has fallen off and healed well, the bathing fun can begin. Until then, it is enough to lovingly clean your baby with a damp flannel.

Caution: Hypothermia!

Since babies and toddlers, unlike us adults, cannot yet generate their own heat through movements or shivering, it is particularly important to maintain the baby's body temperature.
Especially after bathing or when changing nappies, babies can quickly become hypothermic and thus catch a cold. The 2in1 FeelWell changing table radiant warmer by reer prevents this by providing pleasant and soothing instant warmth.

2in1 FellWell Wickeltisch-Wärmestrahler

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