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MyHappyBath Book - magic bath book


  • magic effect: the motifs change colour when in water
  • squeaky function for extra bath-time fun
  • colourful illustrations of the underwater world on 8 pages
  • ideal for bath-time, splashing around and playing
Product number: 76012

Our Awards

MyHappyBath Book
MyHappyBath Book Magic bath book
 Maximum bathtime fun – offering entertainment and stimulation
Maximum bathtime fun – offering entertainment and stimulation
The MyHappyBath Book with lovingly designed pages focussing on the underwater world is sure to keep your little one entertained during bathtime. With child-friendly motifs that appear as if by magic, early learning goals are achieved in a fun way, thus supporting development in the early years of life.
Age-appropriate illustrations
Age-appropriate illustrations with motifs from an underwater world
New and exciting impressions arise when splashing around with the six-page bath book thanks to its colourful illustrations. Yet the bright sea creatures don’t just get little ones excited; they also stimulate your child’s perception of shapes and colours in a fun way.
Awakens an urge to experiment
Awakens an urge to experiment thanks to a magical colour effect and squeak function
Your child is bound to be amazed when the main motifs appear as if by magic upon contact with water. The sea creatures are filled with bright, contrasting colours, rendering them visible – and making bathtime even more fun. Children will also want to investigate the squeak function, stimulating their sense of touch and hearing.
Stimulation of fine and gross motor skills
Stimulation of fine and gross motor skills thanks to soft, light materials
Pages that are as soft and light as a feather are easy to hold and grip while your child immerses themself in an underwater world. And should the book slip out of little hands, it floats up so it can easily be grabbed again. This promotes both fine and gross motor skills as the same time. The soft surface also feels nice to hold and leaf through.
Robust and completely harmless materials
Robust and completely harmless materials for safe use
Particularly at a time of experimentation and discovery, as a parent you want to keep all risks to a minimum. Thanks to its robust material, the activity book will survive being crumpled up and nibbled without any harm. Soft edges and completely harmless materials make the book a great companion offering a lot to discover. It can also be cleaned effortlessly using warm soapy water and then clear water.
Product details
Product details
  • 6-page bath book
  • colourful illustrations of the world underwater
  • magic effect: the illustrations change colour when in water
  • integrated squeaker
  • soft and easy to handle
  • size: 15 x 15 cm

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