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First aid course for baby and child emergencies

Developed for parents and expectant parents by emergency physicians and parents Dr. Annalena Dehé and Dr. Lukas Dehé
  • 4h online course
  • incl. own training dummy
  • Developed by active emergency physicians
  • 30 chapters divided into 5 modules for optimal content retention
  • 60-page e-book for download
  • Only available in Germany

Why is the emergency training dummy so important?

Hands-on exercises are extremely important to be able to react correctly in emergencies. The included manakin provides practice in these critical skills:
  • Respiration: the manikin's lungs rise and fall
  • Cardiac massage: You receive acoustic feedback as to whether you are doing everything correctly
  • Use of a defibrillator
  • Treatment of wounds, e.g. applying a pressure bandage
  • And much more

In this short video we'll introduce you to the training dummy:


The basics

Where exactly are the baby's lungs located?
And why is that important to know?
In this module, we explain the basics.


How to save a life

Here you will not only learn the theory for:
  • correct ventilation,
  • cardiac massage,
  • use of the defibrillator,
... but also apply this directly in practice on the emergency training dummy, under our guidance.


Critical emergencies

When does a situation turn critical and how do you react correctly? 
This includes, for example: 
  • Swallowing,
  • drowning,
  • burns,
  • broken bones,
  • bleeding
... and many more.

About us

We are Dr. med. Annalena Dehé & Dr. med. Lukas Dehé

In stressful emergency situations, the feeling of helplessness and concern for your own child often get in the way.

We want to help you to react correctly in emergency situations and have therefore created this online first aid course, which is carried out using an emergency training dummy. The practical exercise allows you to call up your acquired knowledge in an emergency.

As active emergency physicians, we know all the potential dangers, which is why the course not only teaches you how to resuscitate, but also how to deal with many other emergencies.