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Securing windows - what is the point of a window lock?

As the mother or father of your child, you are certainly concerned about your child and want it to be safe and secure within its own four walls. In order to achieve this, there are a number of aids available, such as a window safety device from reer. But why childproof your windows? You can find out more here!

Why do I need a window safety device?

Child-proof windows in the home are so important because your little darling wants to explore his surroundings and the world with curiosity and without a care in the world. This includes, above all, constantly wanting to explore new areas in the home. At some point, the window openings will become the focus of your child's attention. A child at a window is so at risk of falling down because the body proportions of small children are different from those of adults. Their centre of gravity is higher. If the child leans out of the window, it is practically pulled forward and down by its head. It does a somersault and falls out of the window opening.

Why have a window safety device if the child can't get onto the window sill?

Small children always become very inventive more quickly than they might have thought. As soon as your child is mobile, it starts pulling itself up on furniture. Soon they can walk and climb on furniture. Such an armchair or a chest of drawers by the window is a welcome help for small children to climb to the place they want. And children just keep climbing up and up without thinking beforehand about all the things that can happen. Quickly moved such a piece of furniture, your child is already sitting on the window sill and trying to open the window.

Why childproof the window when I'm paying attention?

Surely every mother and father thinks that such an accident can never happen. Because of course you are looking after your child. However, the figures show that window falls happen far too often in Germany. There are about 50 falls per year in which small children fall out of windows.

Why is a fall from a window so dramatic?

When a child falls out of a window, its head literally pulls it down. In the same way, it hits the ground, causing serious injuries. In the worst case, the child does not survive the fall.

What about balcony doors and patio doors?

To childproof your home, you should also think about the doors to the balcony or terrace. You can use the safety devices to childproof all windows and doors that have a window handle. It is true that balcony doors are somewhat more difficult for small children to open due to their size. But your child learns by observation and eagerly tries out what it sees. As soon as he has found out how a window lever works, he will want to try to open it. And this can also happen with the door from the balcony or terrace.

What makes a window lock from reer so practical?

The great advantage of reer window locks is that they fit almost all window handles. A window safety device from reer does not have to be drilled into the frame. So it is not necessary to damage the window frames to secure the windows. Furthermore, you need two hands to open the secured window. Small children are usually not able to do this. However, an adult with the knowledge of how it works can open the window quite easily. This means that nothing stands in the way of regular and simple ventilation of the living space.

Why do I need a balcony net?

A balcony net is a great addition to the window locks from reer, which make your child's living space childproof. It prevents objects from falling off the balcony and injuring people underneath. With a balcony net, you don't have to worry about your child throwing the garden shovel over the balcony railing. And you don't have to go to the neighbour's for the umpteenth time to retrieve the lost toy or teddy bear. This saves you the embarrassment of having to apologise again and nothing can disappear from the balcony.