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Safe and practical on the road - with stroller and buggy accessories from reer.

Few things are as important when buying baby equipment as the stroller. With accessories that fit many strollers, buggies and also infant carriers, you can make your stroller safe and practical for all your trips.

What are the advantages of accessories for strollers from reer?

Since reer does not manufacture or sell strollers itself, we offer accessories that are compatible with as many models as possible for flexible use. Many parents have different strollers for different purposes. For example, one stroller is at the grandparents' house, while another stroller is available at home. So that you do not have to buy the accessories twice, reer attaches great importance to compatibility.

Are the flexible accessories from reer also available for baby car seats?

reer also offers practical accessories for the various baby car seats. These include, for example, the rain cover, which prevents your little darling from getting wet, the insect protection against unwanted beasts in the carrier and the carrying strap for comfortable transport of the baby shell.

Hand on heart: Which accessories for the stroller do you really need?

To protect your child from wind and weather in the stroller or infant carrier, rain and sun protection is very useful and helpful. An insect screen keeps wasps, mosquitoes and creepy-crawlies away and thus also proves to be a useful accessory.
Another companion that hardly any mom would want to miss is a practical bag that can be attached directly to the stroller. So everything is always at hand and you do not have to search long for such important things as diaper changing, food or toys.
Especially in the darker months or in bad weather, lights and reflectors for the stroller or buggy are an important contribution to your safety. With these accessories you will not be overlooked even during walks in twilight and darkness.
Whether for parents or for the child: a drink holder for the stroller offers space for refreshments or hot drinks on long walks. Thus, this accessory is not necessarily a "must have" but in any case a very practical little helper for on the road.

What makes a good rain cover for the stroller?

A rain cover helps to protect your child from getting wet during a shower. To do this, of course, it must be tight, but on the other hand, well ventilated. In addition, the rain cover must be attached so that it fits well and child can not reach the cords for attachment. So that your child does not feel uncomfortable under the rain cover and you can see what he is doing, the practical accessory should also ideally have a window through which you can also quickly lift it out if necessary.

What makes a good sunshade for the stroller?

It should also be possible to fasten the sunshade so that it fits well and your child cannot reach the fastening cords. In addition, the material should protect against UV rays (UPF 50+). Nevertheless, a sunshade should not lead to heat accumulation. Good ventilation is essential for this accessory. For this reason, protecting your child from the sun with things like blankets or jackets is not recommended. There is a danger of your child overheating. If you don't need sun protection, it should be possible to remove it easily.

Which bag is best suited for the stroller?

Practical is a bag that can be attached with hooks. Thus, they are suitable for most stroller models and can also be used when changing to another stroller or buggy. In addition, a bag should of course stand up to everyday use, look good and offer enough storage space.

With what accessories you are safe on the road with the stroller?

Reflectors and lights for the stroller help you to be safe on the road even in less than optimal light and weather conditions. Since they can be flexibly attached to different models, you can also take these accessories with you when changing to another stroller.