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The Pot and Potty Trainers


From diaper to potty - everything for potty training

There comes a time when your child wants to say goodbye to his diaper and use the toilet like the grown-ups. With the right potty, you can give them the best possible support. This makes using the potty quick and relaxed for both parents and children.

When is your child ready for the potty and toilet trainer?

Your child should decide when they are ready. Most children become interested in the potty and toilet around the 15 to the 18-month mark. Of course, some children want to get out of diapers sooner and others are willing to stay in them longer. As with most aspects of parenting, the time to start potty training is when they decide they are ready. You can always try to explain or ask your child if they are ready, but make sure there is never pressure. Putting pressure on your child only makes the process harder and delays this development.

How nothing goes wrong with boys either

What makes it easier for boys when needing to go the bathroom outside can actually make it harder for them when learning with a toilet trainer. Due to their anatomy, boys find it somewhat more difficult to hit the potty or toilet straightaway. The small toilet trainer "SitzFritz" is a great product to avoid accidents. The practice potty has a splash guard made of soft plastic that can be attached to the front of the potty reducing the chance of accidents.

Which toilet trainer is best for potty training?

This question is probably answered best by your child so they can pick what makes them comfortable. For many children, it is best when they get to use a toilet that is like the ones used by grownups. In this case, a Mini-toilet like the  "SitzFritz" is the best choice. Other children are more pragmatic and prefer the simple "pot" for themselves. The best thing is to follow your child's inclination. 

Which toilet trainer is best overall?

Like most parents, you probably want what is best for your child.  Despite this, it doesn't make much sense to buy something out of gold with self-cleaning technology. Trust your child. If your child likes it then they will use it. No matter whether it is "the pot" or the "SitzFritz".

What is better for potty training - a potty or toilet attachment?

In the beginning, a potty is easier for your child to use. It is quicker to sit on it and no one is needed to pick the little guy up. A small potty trainer like the "SitzFritz" gives your child a great sense of freedom and accomplishment because they can use it all by themselves.
If your child is big enough to easily get onto the bigger toilet then a toilet seat can be quite useful to prevent them from slipping in the heat of the moment. This also has a big advantage for you in that, you don't have to empty the potty anymore. 

Where should the potty be placed?

As with other aspects of this process, it's best to give your child as much freedom as possible. For parents, it is naturally ideal when the potty is right next to the bathroom and many children also prefer this space. Some children would rather have the potty in the middle of the action. If this doesn't bother you too much, then just go with it and slowly move the potty closer to the bathroom as they become more adept. If you are worried about stains or other possibilities, you can place a small washcloth or towel underneath the potty.