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MyHappyBarh Mat - bathmat


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  • prevents slipping in the bathtub or shower and
  • ensures comfortable sitting and safe standing of children
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MyHappyBath Mat
MyHappyBath Mat Baby bath mat & bath mat XL
For non-slip bathing fun
For non-slip bathing fun
Children feel comfortable in the water and enjoy splashing around. However, driven by curiosity and the urge to play, they are often very hasty. If your little one's sense of balance is not fully developed, this can lead to tricky situations. The MyHappyBath Mat inserts give your child the necessary support and prevent them from slipping in the bath.
Ideal for baby baths, bathtubs and showers
The oval mat fits perfectly in all standard baby baths. Measuring 42 cm x 25 cm, it covers the entire seat. The perfectly fitting shape ensures ideal support without creasing - for comfortable seating for the little ones.
The rectangular mat fits perfectly in the classic elongated bath. With its dimensions of 97 cm x 36 cm, it not only covers the entire seat and thus protects against slipping in the entire bath, but also provides non-slip protection in walk-in showers.
Anti-slip protection
Anti-slip protection thanks to anti-slip material with structure
The mat is made of rubber-like natural rubber. Thanks to the natural anti-slip properties of the material, the bath mat protects your little one from slipping on smooth surfaces. The upper side also has a structure in a cute whale design, which has an additional anti-slip effect - for an even more reliable grip when splashing around.
Secure hold
Secure hold thanks to suction cups
The extra numerous and strong suction cups on the underside of the inlay ensure a reliable grip on all smooth surfaces. They prevent the mat from slipping in the bath or shower, whether wet or dry.
Pleasant on sensitive baby skin
Pleasant on sensitive baby skin thanks to high-quality natural material
To protect baby's delicate and sensitive skin, the non-slip mat is made from 100% skin-friendly natural rubber. It is free from harmful substances and dangerous plasticizers such as BPA, PVC and phthalates. The antibacterial properties of the material make it particularly easy to clean - soap residue can be easily rinsed off with clear water.
Multifunctional Can also be used as a bath mat
The mat is not only extremely useful in the bath (76033: or walk-in showers), but also ensures greater safety outside. For example, it can also be used as a shower mat, preventing wet feet from slipping on the smooth tiles when stepping out.
Product details
Product details
  • prevents children from slipping in the bath or shower and ensures that they sit comfortably and stand securely
  • Many suction cups for a particularly secure hold
  • textured, non-slip surface
  • Attractive design with little whales
  • made of natural and skin-friendly material (natural rubber)
  • antibacterial
  • Colour: blue

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