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MyHappyPingu bath toy net


  • bath toy net in child-friendly penguin design
  • practical storage of bath toys and other bath accessories
  • two suction cups enable easy attachment to smooth surfaces such as smooth tiles and glass
Product number: 76062
MyHappyPingu bath toy net
For a tidier bathroom
For a tidier bathroom
Most children feel happy in the water and enjoy splashing around in the bathtub. Since your little one usually takes a toy into the bath for some bathtime fun alongside their baby shampoo, flannel or bath brush, the bathroom can quickly become full of various bathtime paraphernalia.
The MyHappyPingu bath toy net lets you keep all the important things dry after the bath while quickly restoring order to the bathroom.

Extra storage space
Extra storage space 4 litre capacity
Even the smallest among us need a range of bath utensils for an all-round feel-good bathtime. Special baby shampoo for sensitive baby skin, bath brushes or sponges and of course bath toys, such as a squeezy duck or toy boats – thanks to its 4-litre capacity, there is plenty of space to comfortably fit all these items in the cute penguin's big tummy. 
Hygienic drying
Hygienic drying breathable material
The bath net has been constructed out of breathable netting fabric. Not only does this guarantee that the residual water will fully drip away, it also allows air to continuously circulate in the net. This allows bath utensils to dry hygienically and prevents the accumulation of bacteria and mould. To ensure an optimum level of hygiene, you can clean the net at 30° in the washing machine at regular intervals.
Simple and reliable attachment
Simple and reliable attachment thanks to the 2 large suction cups
No additional hooks or similar tools are needed to attach the bath net to the wall, as it is simply held in place using the two integrated suction cups. The suction cups guarantee a slip-resistant hold on virtually all smooth surfaces. This allows flexible use on plastered walls or even on the shower cubicle. If the net is no longer required, it is just as quick to remove without leaving any residue.
Easy handling
Easy handling extra-large opening
No-one likes to spend a lot of time tidying after the bath. The bath net allows everything to be tidied away in an instant – simply hold the net open and you can tidy everything away into the extra-large opening with minimum effort. 
Product details:
Product details:
  • Bath toy net in child-friendly penguin design
  • Practical storage of bath toys and other bath accessories
  • Hygienic drying thanks to air-permeable net
  • Two suction cups enable easy attachment to smooth surfaces such as smooth tiles and glass
  • Size: approx. 26 x 29 x 10 cm
  • Capacity: approx. 4 l
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Machine washable at 30°

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