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In our constant effort to improve existing reer products and expand our product range in meaningful ways, we choose to always work together with experts from a wide range of specialist areas. These collaborations are an integral part of the reer DNA - and will continue to expand even further in the future. Together we pursue the same goal: To protect the health and safety of children.


reer experts for emergency medicine
Do you want to be prepared for all kinds of emergency situations? Annalena and Lukas from 12minutes will show you the way!

React the right way in emergency situations

In stressful emergency situations, the feelings of helplessness and concern for one's own child often get in the way.
Annalena & Lukas want to help you react correctly in emergency situations and have therefore created an online first aid course using an emergency training dummy. The practical exercise allows you to call up your acquired knowledge in any emergency situation.
As active emergency doctors, the two know exactly what could potentially happen, so the course not only teaches you how to resuscitate, but also how to deal with many other emergencies.
Even outside of the course, reer is always glad to be able to draw on the expertise of Annalena & Lukas - and are happy to pass this on to you!
Whether on social media or in the reer blog - you will always find new content from our experts in emergency medicine!

Jeanette Kämpchen
reer expert for sleep, breastfeeding and complementary feeding advice

Jeanette Kämpchen works as a bonding-oriented family counselor in the Rhineland as well as online all around the world. With a lot of heart and knowledge, she accompanies and advises people during the challenging time of pregnancy and the first baby years. The heart of her work lies in finding a good balance between the needs of all family members. She works in a non-judgmental way, imparts specialist knowledge and provides families with useful tools that they can use to make their everyday family life more peaceful in the long term. Jeanette herself is a mother of two summer children, born in '20 and '22.

Jeanette is an expert in the following fields:

  • Sleeping
  • Breastfeeding and weaning
  • Complementary food
  • Child development in the first years of life
  • Attachment-oriented interaction with emotional children
  • Creating a peaceful everyday family life