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Have you noticed in the last few days that your little darling sleeps restlessly and you are worried that he or she might fall out of bed at night? Or has your child already fallen out of bed at an inopportune moment? Then how about a fall out protection from reer to prevent falls and possible injuries of your child in the future?

What is a fall out protection for the crib?

A fall out protection or bed rail protects your child or baby from falling out of bed. Some children have a very restless sleep, because their body does not yet have a sufficiently good sense of position during sleep. In these cases, the risk of the child falling out of bed is very high. A fall-out guard can prevent such falls.

For what age do I need a bed barrier?

Bed rails are recommended for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. However, if your child sleeps with you in the family bed, a fall-out guard should be considered for the bed from birth. Especially for babies, a fall, no matter from what height, is very dangerous. It is neither able to catch itself properly, as its reflexes do not yet work very well, nor does it know what is happening to it at that moment. In addition, your baby's skull plates are not yet properly fused together, which makes his brain susceptible to injury in the event of a fall. With a bed rail you can counteract a possible fall of your baby. 

Are there bed rails with exit assistance?

There are bed rails or fall-out protection with an exit aid. This type of exit aid is called a fold-down function. However, the exit aid does not work for every type of bed. Whether it works depends primarily on the frame height of the bed, since a hinge is needed so that the exit aid can be folded forward. For example, the fold-down function can only be used on box spring beds if the mattress above the feet of the grid has a thickness between 10 and 30 cm.

What do I need to consider when installing the bed rail?

The bed rail must have a secure hold in any case. It is recommended to use the enclosed grid system for this purpose. The grid system needs to be at least 25 cm away from the bed frame at the top and bottom, otherwise there is a risk of the child becoming trapped. In the worst case, this can have such serious consequences that there is a risk of strangulation.

In addition, the mattress should be between 10 and 30 cm high, otherwise the fall-out protection will not reach a sufficient height. If this is not the case, there is a possibility of a gap between the bed rail and the mattress. Through such a gap, the child can slip through or, in the worst case, get stuck and injure himself.

So please pay attention to the assembly instructions and the safety instructions of the manufacturer in any case during assembly!

Where can I not attach bed rails?

Bed rails should not be mounted on camp beds, water beds and bunk beds. In general, it is recommended never to attach a fall-out guard to a bed whose height above the floor is more than 60 cm. Also, make sure that you never attach a fall-out guard to a bed whose mattress is thinner than 10 cm or thicker than 30 cm.

Can I also use bed rails on a box spring bed?

The fall-out protection can also be used on box-spring beds. However, the same rules apply as for other beds, in particular, of course, that the mattress is between 10 and 30 cm high. Otherwise there is a risk of accident and injury for your child.