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You may ask, Do I really need a radiant heater for my changing station?

Then read through this description to find out for yourself why it is so important that your changing station has a radiant heater!

Changing Table Heater


A Radiant heater for your changing station

The idea alone is delightful - your little darling is lying on the changing table, kicking its little feet, and you would be happy if it weren't for that worry in the back of your mind. You're worried about your little one, won't they freeze half-naked on the changing table? You know that babies can't yet regulate their temperature well and you are constantly afraid of catching a cold. But there is a simple solution to your worries: the radiant warmer from reer!


Invented by reer in 1997, the idea of a radiant heater for the changing table has existed for many years, but we were the ones that made it a reality and have constantly improved our models since. At its core, it's nothing more than a heat lamp just like the ones used for premature babies in their incubators. The major difference is that this has been adapted to be used in your own home on a changing table. 
You are probably asking yourself, do I need something like this? The answer is yes. Babies easily get cold, especially on a changing table, and they react to the cold rather poorly, with complaining and lots of crying. All this can be avoided with a radiant heater for your changing table. The device radiates exactly the warmth that your baby needs and thus ensures a clear, visible feeling of well-being, so you know that you are providing the best care for your baby!


The radiant heaters from reer are adapted for body temperatures, unlike a common radiant heater from a hardware store. A radiant heater from a hardware store often produces too much heat even at the lowest setting, but without models from reer, there is no danger of overheating at the changing table. While you shouldn't leave your baby under the heater for more than 15 minutes, it is not a worry thanks to the built-in automatic 10-minute off-switch. With this, the safety of your child is guaranteed, even if you forget to switch off the radiant warmer, which keeps your baby safe and you from having to worry. But that's not the only advantage of a radiant heater from reer: it also has a tilt switch-off, so if you choose a model that isn't attached to the wall, you don't have to worry about the danger that could arise if the device falls over. As soon as the changing table radiant heater tips over, perhaps because you accidentally bumped into it, it switches itself off completely automatically. Our heater has every benefit, without any danger!


You can use the radiant warmer any time your baby is cold. Be it bathing, changing nappies, kicking their little legs, or even when playing. As soon as you fear your child might be too cold, a radiant heater can be used, not only at the changing table. Just imagine it: You and your baby are bonding on the changing table, the radiant warmer provides gentle warmth and your baby feels perfectly comfortable, wiggles its little legs and you cuddle together. You don't have to worry about your child getting cold instead, you get to enjoy the moment together without any worry.


As a parent, YOU know best what your baby needs and always want your child to be comfortable. This includes, among other things, the correct placement of the changing table radiant warmer, which is really quite simple:
The radiant warmer is correctly mounted when it is safely placed 1m away from your baby near the changing table, 35cm away from the ceiling and 20cm to the side.


The changing table radiant warmer is top quality, no danger for your baby, great value for money...what's the catch?
There is none! Go ahead and try it out, spend beautiful, warming hours with your baby and create wonderful memories!