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For a safer and smarter tomorrow

As a family business in its third generation, we understand the importance of family and work daily to find clever solutions for a secure tomorrow.

Many of our employees are parents themselves and understand that the moment you first hear the little heart beating in mom's tummy your view of the world completely changes. A few months later, when you hold your child in your arms for the first time, you feel a perfect and unconditional love that grows from day to day.

Excellent Quality and Safety

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Here at reer, it takes many steps until a new product is launched and our reer logo is attached to it. This is due to the great importance that we place on producing safe products for children that exceed any existing requirement standards. Numerous products for children in the modern-day household have seen the light of day here at reer in Leonberg, and many of our developments go on to be awarded prizes in quality satisfaction.

In 2019, we received an EU Product Safety Award from the EU Commission for our extensive activities in the field of safe products and education. At the award ceremony given by the EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Věra Jourová, it was emphasized to the Managing Director of reer, Tim Lorenz, that this award is a great confirmation of reer's work and an incentive for future products.

More Transparency

Since 2018, reer is certified according to ISO 9001 "Requirements for Quality Management Systems". We adhere to defined workflows and document every step in the development of our products to ensure more transparency and safety. Our in-house quality management accompanies us and offers support in the optimization of work processes.

ISO Certification

With this certificate, reer can prove its commitment to being consistent in high-quality product development. We also use this to set a good example for our partners, and with that can convince them to undergo such a certification themselves so that they can take part in ensuring the consistently high quality of reer products from raw materials to sale.

More Sustainability

We at reer take responsibility in creating a world worth living in – including within that the future for our children. Our philosophy "Protect what You Love" is not only reflected in our products - our environment must also be protected. We aim to work on this in all areas. While we are not perfect yet, we work every day to become a little bit better.


Consumer education and uniform standards in the production of children's products are central to our Mission Safety. Unfortunately, parents underestimate or are unaware of many accident risks in everyday life - until an accident occurs. To reach as many parents as possible, reer networks with powerful partners to ensure a safer tomorrow. Our network ranges from sole proprietors and medical professionals to associations, insurance companies and local authorities.


The German Institute for Standardization develops (Deutsches Institut für Normung, DIN) specifications and quality standards for products. The company reer is actively involved in the discussion of uniform quality standards for child safety products to ensure that they really do deliver the safety our name promises. So far, the area of child safety products has hardly been standardized. In recent years, our cooperation with DIN has led to the creation of uniform standards for products such as cabinet and drawer safety devices and door stops. That being said, there is still a long way to go before binding specifications can be developed for the entire range of child safety articles so that parents can be made aware of the dangers of articles that do not conform to standards.


The Federal Working Group for More Safety for Children e. V. (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft mehr Sicherheit für Kinder e. V., BAG) is a non-profit organization that is committed to improving child safety in everyday life and leisure. The BAG is a network of various organizations and individuals such as doctors, accident insurance companies, authorities, and safety experts. Its activities focus on prevention and education to prevent accidents and raise awareness of the possible dangers children can face.
reer has been involved in the BAG for many years by sharing its knowledge in expert panels, translating the knowledge of other experts into child-resistant products, participating in educational campaigns, and has been the sponsor of the product database for child-resistant products since 2018. With the support of the traditional Swabian company, BAG operates this contact point for parents, educators, and other people working in the field of childcare who wish to find out more about safe and unsafe child products.


In 2015, reer and other partners founded the Global Alliance for Child Safety (GACS). GACS is an association of international companies that offer products for children, especially child safety products. GACS serves to provide the exchange of knowledge, the coordination of joint projects, and the worldwide unification of standards in the field of child safety.