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Doorstop for a safe everyday life with your child

Has your baby recently become very mobile and more interested in its environment? Is it perhaps particularly interested in opening and closing doors? Do you have the feeling that you can't even look away for two seconds to take care of household matters, for example, because otherwise something bad will happen to your child? Have you often had to save them at the last moment from getting their fingers caught while playing with the door?
With the high-quality door stoppers from reer you can protect your child from this danger!

Doorstopper as finger pinch protection

Doorstops are definitely recommended in households with children. The doorstops ensure that room and/or house doors always remain open a crack. If the room doors are equipped with doorstops, you keep your children from getting their fingers pinched. Pinching can have painful consequences for young children and, in the worst case, cause permanent damage.

For which doors are the doorstops suitable?

Door stops from reer are suitable for door leaf thicknesses from 30 to 45 mm. The material the door is made of is not important for the installation of the door stops.

What are the advantages of the doorstops from reer?

Thanks to their unique ribbed structure, they have an optimal hold. The doorstops are durable, bite-resistant and resistant.

Is a doorstop made of foam safe for children?

Doorstops made of foam are not childproof and therefore not recommended. On the one hand, this is because the door stop gives way and your little darling's fingers can still get trapped, and on the other hand, small parts of the foam stoppers can tear off under increased stress, for example when a door slams shut. This then inevitably leads to the doorstop no longer fulfilling its actual purpose. In addition, such small parts are dangerous for your child because there is a risk that it will swallow the small parts. Swallowing such small parts should be avoided at all costs, otherwise there is an increased risk of suffocation!

Why is my doorstop so solid?

High-quality doorstops are solid, because it should be prevented that your child jams his fingers. This fact can make it difficult to install the doorstop, but then the door is 100% childproof.

Do I also have to secure the hinge side of the door?

It also makes sense to secure the hinge side of the door with a finger pinch protection, as the distance can also become tight at this point if a doorstop prevents the door from slamming or slamming shut. Better play it safe and secure both sides of the door to protect your child from serious bruising.

When buying doorstops, please pay attention first and foremost to the quality of the product! Only a high quality product will really protect your child from getting their fingers pinched or crushed.