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Bathing means for your baby and you not only the cleaning of unwanted dirt, but it also stands for a lot of closeness between you and your little darling. The pleasantly warm water and your gentle touch convey a lot of closeness and security to the baby. The right bath temperature also plays an important role in a relaxing bath ritual. Water that is too cold or too warm is dangerous for your child. The right bath thermometer is a practical helper for the right bath temperature.

How does a bath thermometer work?

Bath thermometers measure the temperature of the water and display it either digitally or on a scale. In the analog bath thermometers, the scale is marked so that you can easily read when the temperature is optimal for your baby. There are also markings on the bath thermometer that indicate when the water is too cold and when it is too hot. 

Which fits better? A digital or an analog thermometer?

Analog bath thermometers come with two advantages: they don't need a battery and are therefore always ready to use. They are also inexpensive. Digital bath thermometers, on the other hand, offer additional functions that go beyond pure temperature measurement. These include, for example, optical and acoustic signals when the temperature of the water is too high or too low. In addition, the maximum temperature of our digital bath thermometers can be set individually.  Finally, you can also keep an eye on the bath time with the integrated stopwatch and timer function. The bath time of small babies should not be longer than 10 minutes, because too long bathing stresses the sensitive baby skin.

Why is the right bath temperature important for babies and what is the ideal bath temperature for babies?

The ideal bath temperature for babies is 37°. Below this temperature, babies quickly freeze and above this temperature, there is a risk of burns to baby's delicate skin. To reach this temperature, it's best to first fill the tub with cold water and then top it up with hot water until the water reaches the perfect temperature. This way you can prevent scalding.  
Even if your baby is not yet born, the bath thermometer is already a practical companion for you. Because even during pregnancy, the temperature of the bath water should remain below 38° Celsius, if possible, in order to protect the expectant mother's circulation.

Can a bath thermometer do even more?

A bath thermometer is not only a useful aid in the water. Especially very small babies freeze quickly, so the room temperature should be 20° degrees during the day and 18° in the sleeping room at night. The room where you bathe your baby should even be about 24° degrees, so that it does not freeze when you lift it out of the tub. You can also use the thermometer here to measure the room temperature and create a comfortable climate in your four walls.