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We develop practical and safe products that make everyday life with a child easier. We test our products extensively against standards that go beyond any norm. Welcome to Swabia, welcome to Mission Safety, welcome to reer.

The socket protector from reer: Excellent safety

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Socket protectors from reer have been in use for almost 50 years without any accidents

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As a market leader, we have years of expertise in the field of child safety

Safe products from the start

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Own testing machines

We may be the only socket protector supplier in the world with a testing machine for testing child safety. We have developed our unique testing routines and apply the highest standards to our products. Our testing spectrum includes a material thickness test as well as durability testing.

Tested childsafe -

Safety beyond standards

Did you know that there are hardly any binding quality standards for children's safety articles in Germany and Europe? An important part of our product development is therefore the establishment of our own standards. We take our lead from specifications in other areas, for example, toys, and apply our standards to all our articles, because wherever there is a child in the house, it should be safe. Every day, we combine the highest safety standards with ease of use. Our demands on products include, for example:
  • reer products do not contain any small parts that can be swallowed
  • reer products have no sharp edges
  • There is no risk of burns or scalding with reer products
  • reer products are free of harmful substances
  • The reer Safety Performance Tape developed by us offers a strong hold with residue-free removal

That is reer quality

Together for more child safety

To set new standards, we work together with experts from different disciplines and are actively involved in improving child safety: We are an active member of DIN (German Institute for Standardisation) and the International Standards Committee to:

  • increase our knowledge
  • to contribute our experience
  • increase safety standards
  • increase useability standards

As a founding member of the international alliance GACS (Global Alliance for Child Safety), we have joined forces with committed international companies who share the same goal: to increase the safety of our children worldwide. Our goal is to raise the international requirements for safety products to a child-safe level.

As an active member of the Federal Working Group "More Safety for Children" e.V. (BAG), we regularly deal with the current accident statistics. Every year, more than 1.7 million children are involved in accidents in Germany, 300,000 of which occur in the home. Together with the BAG, we advocate for more education, because 60% of accidents could be prevented through knowledge alone.