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Kids on the go means you must be the driver, parent, teacher and entertainer all at the same time. Your thoughts are constantly going to possible dangers. Safety vests, reflectors and lights for the stroller or a running safety harness to take the pressure off you. So not only your children can enjoy the time together.

How many safety vests must be carried in the car?

In the car, the safety vest is mandatory. The road traffic licensing regulations require a vest for the driver. This must comply with the European standard EN ISO 20471:2013. It must have at least 5 cm wide, circumferential reflective stripes and be made of fluorescent material in yellow, orange or red-orange. It should also be kept handy, for example in the glove compartment. The vest makes the passenger visible from all sides, even in poor weather and darkness. This is important if he has to leave the car in case of an accident or breakdown in traffic. Sometimes, however, all passengers have to get out. Maybe the accident site is too dangerous or the car is towed away. Then it is good to have a safety vest for everyone. Children in particular would need extra supervision in this dangerous situation, but the adults are also challenged by the accident. The more visible the little ones are to other road users, the better.

What else do I need a safety vest for?

Whether you are walking, biking or playing: Children are often overlooked due to their smaller size and unpredictable movements. Since the safety vest improves the visibility of its wearer, it is a useful accessory, especially for children. Especially in the dark season, the way to school, playground or grandma and grandpa becomes safer. But also in busy places, it helps you pick out your child in a large crowd.

Why should I put reflectors on the stroller?

Reflectors on the stroller increase visibility. By necessity, when crossing the street, the stroller is first on the roadway. However, the driver's gaze first perceives the larger figure of the adult. Even an overtaking cyclist sees only you from behind. If he were to cut you off now, your child would be in danger. The reflectors warn others on the road that there is a stroller in front of you. Especially in bad weather and in the evening, reflectors offer more safety for your child.

Why should I attach lights to the stroller?

Lights, like reflectors, increase the visibility of the stroller. A flashing function can provide additional attention. It makes sense to attach a light to the front and back. This way, you and the stroller will be seen by oncoming traffic. In addition, the lights illuminate the way and let you be safer on the road.
Lights can also be attached to running wheels and scooters. A child on a running bike or scooter is not only small but also fast. With lights, your child is more likely to be seen. This helps avoid collisions with pedestrians and in traffic.

Do I really need a child leash?

First of all, the child's leash is not a leash. It is not about walking the child and restricting his freedom of movement. On the contrary. The "walking and protection belt" is used to keep contact with your child. Since your child can not get lost, you have your head free and your child can independently explore the environment. Especially if you are travelling with more than one child, this is helpful. By the way, in other countries like England, this belt is part of the normal street scene.

So there is a whole range of aids to be safe on the road with children. A small purchase like a safety vest, reflectors, lights or a safety belt can make your life easier and your children's safer.