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Daniela Kambor

Daniela Kambor advises pregnant women, parents and those interested in anything surrounding accident prevention for infants and small children through the program "mykidssafe". As a child safety expert, she informs families about the dangers present in everyday life, either through a personal visit to your home or one of her Workshops & Online-Seminars. Daniela Kambor is a fully trained Baby Planner and Pregnancy-Concierge, from both BAG and DAPG on accident prevention for children as well as from being a mother of two children herself.

Jordis Hauser-Kreuz

Since 1998, Jordis Kreuz has been a trained paramedic and several years before volunteered as a part of a fire department and rescue service. Throughout her career, she has personally experienced many emergencies and provided assistance to countless injured adults and children. Since 2007 Jordis Hauser-Kreuz has been working as a first-aid instructor, specializing in first aid for infants and children, in 2018 she began offering consulting for accident prevention and child safety in the household.

How it works

What our families say

Dear reer team,

Thank you very much for all the tips and advice. I needed the advice, especially for securing the stairs. I was overwhelmed selecting the correct gate and am now super happy with the recommended solution. During the consultation, we also realised that we needed to secure our upstairs windows. With the safety products from reer, that was no problem.
Sincearly, Ann-Kristin, Langenselbold

Dear Ms Kopp,

We would like to thank you very much for the comprehensive advice you gave us in our house. Together we were able to find the best possible solution for our steep staircase. The barrier grids from reer adapt perfectly to the circumstances. We had no problems with the self-assembly. We have already referred you and would do so again at any time.
Kind regards, family S., from Herrenberg

Dear Ms Kopp,

We would like to thank you again for the great advice you gave us at home. Our main problem was the safety of our stairs, as not every stair gate came into question due to the dimensions. Thanks to reer, our stair railings are now childproof thanks to the ClearVision grids and are a real eye-catcher. We were not really aware of many danger spots. But we have received many tips and suggestions for solutions. We can only recommend such a safety consultation to all parents. After all, it's about the well-being of our children.
Kind regards, Soby

We also advise Day Cares

Our product range for childcare facilities includes our best security solutions for all situations that can occur in daycare centres, crèches and the like as well as products that have been specially developed for the needs of these facilities.

Did you know...?

Every 16 seconds a child has an accident, 60% of these accidents happen within their own four walls.

Every 16 a dangerous accident befalls a child and 60% of these accidents occur within the house. 

When do I need consulting?

Is your child conquering the home, looking in every cupboard and closet, and wanting to climb all the way up the stairs? It's high time to secure those particularly dangerous areas. But which areas are dangerous and how do you secure them? You can now spend hours googling and asking yourself whether the solutions you find will actually help and if they are suitable for YOUR home. Or you can contact our safety experts. We'll send a safety advisor to your home to childproof YOUR home and answer YOUR questions, with 100 years of child safety experience behind us.

Your everyday life is more relaxed when your home is childproof.

A childproof home has nothing to do with a high-security wing or helicopter parents. The fact is that most accidents involving children under the age of 5 happen at home. With simple tips and appropriate child-proofing, you can prevent accidents and be a little more relaxed when your child is out of sight.
Do you have stairs at home and don't know which safety gate is right for you?
Do you want to childproof some drawers in the kitchen?
Do you have completely different questions?
Our safety experts will advise you individually, so you don't have to worry if you made the right choices!

Do you also want to be part of the expert team?

Then contact us!
To offer safety advice throughout Germany, we are looking for partners who are committed to the topic of accident prevention. Ideally, you already work with parents such as giving parent-child courses or are a first aid instructor.
Are you interested in being affiliated with reer? Then simply write to us!

When is the best time for a safety consultation?

It makes sense from day one to be aware and informed about the dangers of accidents in everyday life. There are some dangers in the first months that can be prevented with the right knowledge. However, it becomes even more important as soon as your child starts to become mobile (e.g. first attempts to crawl and crawl) and begin to explore their surroundings. From this point on, it can quickly happen that you lose sight of your child for a short moment.

How long does an appointment take?

Generally, a consultation takes about 90 minutes, but it could vary depending on the size of your home.

What does an appointment cost?

During the introductory phase, we offer you our counselling free of charge. After the introductory phase, the consultation will cost 39€ including a small thank-you package. (If we have to travel a long way, we may have to charge a flat rate for travel costs).

What do I need for an online safety consultation?

You need a camera (like the one on your smartphone) to send us a few pictures in advance. For the consultation itself, you need an internet-enabled device, ideally also with a camera, so that we can conduct a video chat. This way you can see us and our product tips and we can see you and, if necessary, examine the situations to be secured more closely. What programmes do you use for an online security consultation? By default, we use Microsoft Skype. However, we can also use most video chat options (Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call, ... ) depending on your wishes and technical requirements.

Do I commit to the purchase?

There is no obligation to buy. If you order security products, you will first receive a non-binding offer. When you order, the products will be sent to you by post. Unfortunately, we cannot take care of the installation of the products, but we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.