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Good sleep is incredibly important for your baby. This is because they spend an incredible amount of time sleeping. Even in the second year of life, most children sleep half the day away. That's why it's so important to provide a safe and secure sleeping environment. Find out more about how you can help your child get a good night's sleep.

How a Sleeping Ritual Helps Your Baby

Rituals give rhythm to the daily routine and security to people. If we consciously use recurring processes as rituals, they help us - big and small - to relax. Especially before bedtime, fixed patterns are ideal - and can be practised from the beginning. Lying down, a song or later a story in the light of a night light gain their calming effect through the same daily routine.

Good sleep for you too - thanks to the baby monitor

Sure, babies wake up at night every now and then and want to be nursed, but how often have you woken up at night thinking the baby needs your attention only to find out that everything was fine?

Good sleep for your baby is also good sleep for you. A baby monitor helps you sleep well because you always have an eye or an ear on your baby. Are you more of an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor person? Answer the questions to find out what is the better fit for you.

Feeding, changing or calming in the night

Just because babies sleep through most of the day doesn't mean they sleep through the night. Even if they gradually learn to be alert during the day and to sleep at night, your little darling will still ask for the breast or the bottle at irregular intervals during the settling-in phase and sometimes he or she will also want to be changed at night.
So that the bright light doesn't disturb you, we have put together little helpers for you. These products provide enough light without disturbing the cosy slumbering mood.

For longer trips in the night

Children, no matter the age, seldom sleep through the entire night. Often there are nights when you will have to go more than once to your child's room to feed, change, or just to check on them. LED nightlights that plug into outlets provide a helpful and safe way to make it wherever you need to go, even if you are only half awake. LED nightlights help you avoid those toys or other things lying around ready to be stepped on. They will even remain valuable assets when your child grows a little older and needs to make their own trips to the bathroom.

What is the right sleeping climate?

It's very important to provide your baby with a comfortable sleeping environment and room climate. Children have different preferences regarding the optimal temperature and humidity. It's essential that your child does not freeze but also does not sweat excessively. So you should check every once in a while.
As a guideline, the temperature should be 17-21°C and the humidity 40-60%. If you're unsure, you can also check the corresponding values with a hygrometer or thermometer.
PureAir room air purifier
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Bed Rails

Toddlers and adults also move during sleep and often change their lying position during dream phases. This unconsciously activates the muscles, registers the surroundings and thus prevents a fall out of bed. However, since this instinctive mechanism first has to be learned, it does not yet function perfectly in small children. The bed rail accounts for this offering a barrier to protect your baby from falling out of bed.