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Going for a walk with baby – Protected in all weathers

Discover practical helpers that prepare you for every weather condition – and that support you on small walks as well as on big day tours.


On sunny days, it is important to wear good sun protection when you take your baby for a walk. It is best to use additional sun cream for babies and toddlers. A sunshade on the pram is very useful, the sun sail or umbrella should be able to be attached so that it fits well and protects against UV rays (UPF 50+). Nevertheless, a sunshade should not lead to a build-up of heat. Good ventilation is the be-all and end-all with these accessories. For this reason, protecting your child from the sun with things like blankets or jackets is not recommended. There is a danger of your child overheating.


Spring and summer are the seasons when it is most beautiful outside. But how can you protect your baby from bees, wasps and mosquitoes? With an insect screen for the pram or the baby car seat, you are guaranteed to be child-safe when you are out and about with your baby. You can also ensure a restful sleep with an insect screen on the cot.


Going for a walk is also possible in the rain. All you need is a rain cover - which protects your child from getting wet during a shower. Especially nice are those that have a recess with a viewing window for the baby. Of course, it has to be tight, but it also has to be well ventilated. Reflectors on the rain cover are very helpful in order to be seen well even in poor visibility.


With an insulated container, a thermos flask or an insulated bottle, you can provide warm meals and drinks for your child on the go. The leak-proof closure keeps the contents safe. 


Few things are as important when buying baby equipment as the pram. With accessories that fit many prams, buggies and even infant carriers, you can make your pram safe and practical for all your trips. Super is, for example, a bag that can be attached with hooks. This makes them suitable for most pram models and they can also be used when changing to another pram or buggy. Of course, a bag should also be suitable for everyday use, look good and offer enough storage space.