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MyHappyBath Cap - shampoo shield


  • keeps soap, water and shampoo out of a small child's eyes
  • practical shape also protects ears
  • made of soft, flexible foamrubber; comfortable against the skin
  • individually adjustable size thanks to velcro fastening
  • durable fabric outer material
  • can also be used as sun protection or when cutting hair
Product number: 76043
MyHappyBath Cap
MyHappyBath Cap Shampoo shield
For tear-free hair washing
For tear-free hair washing
Hair washing is sometimes a battle for parent and child: If little ones get water or shampoo in their eyes while having their hair washed, it starts to sting and the crying begins. Once that has happened, many children put up a fight against having their hair washed. But this doesn’t have to be the case.
The shampoo shield stops foam and water from running down, protecting sensitive little eyes and ensuring relaxed bath-time fun and calm parents.
Maximum protection
Maximum protection thanks to well-thought-out details
Many small children find it hard to close their eyes when their hair is being washed. The shield allows your child to keep their eyes open and to breathe freely while having their hair washed. This provides your child with security and stops them being scared of their hair being washed. The extra-large shield and the long side pieces protect the eyes, mouth and ears from contact with shampoo and water that are running down. The water-repellent EVA foam prevents water seeping through.
Expandable thanks to Velcro fastening
The Velcro fastening can be freely adjusted and ensures that the shampoo shield can always be perfectly adapted to the child’s current head size. The sizes are freely adjustable between 40–55 cm, which corresponds to the child's head circumference from approx. 6 months to 6 years. 
Extremely comfortable to wear
Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to soft, light material
Made from soft, flexible foam, the protective shield adapts individually to the child’s head shape and reliably seals any gaps so that no water can run down onto the face. The light and skin-friendly material is gentle on the sensitive scalp and sits on the head almost weightlessly without becoming a burden. 
Multi-functional suitable for various other uses
The practical headgear not only offers assistance with hair washing but is also a rewarding aid in other day-to-day situations. For instance, it can be used as a sunshade and so protect the sensitive face against sunlight. It is also handy for cutting hair.
Product details
Product details
  • practical shape protects eyes and ears during hair washing
  • made from soft, flexible foam
  • can be adjusted freely and individually thanks to Velcro fastening
  • suitable for head circumferences of approx. 40–55 cm
  • features a cute whale design
  • can also be used as a sunshade or when cutting hair
  • material: EVA

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