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2in1 FeelWell changing table heater


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  • offers pleasant instant heat and protects from catching a chill and related conditions
  • 2-in-1 can be used as a wall-mounted or free-standing device
  • heat radiation and temperature distribution in accordance with medical standards
  • optional automatic switch-off
Product number: 1928

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2in1 FeelWell changing table radiant warmer
2in1 FeelWell changing table radiant warmer Can be used as a wall-mounted or floor-standing unit
Caution: hypothermia!
Caution: hypothermia! Provides soothing instant warmth and protects against chilling and secondary illnesses.
Heat where it is needed: thanks to the stand, the radiant warmer can be placed anywhere in the room. The enclosed mounting plate also allows for convenient wall mounting above the changing table.
Since babies and toddlers, unlike us adults, cannot yet generate their own heat through movements or trembling, it is particularly important to maintain the baby's body temperature.
Especially after bathing or when changing nappies, babies can quickly become hypothermic and thus catch a cold. The 2in1 FeelWell changing table radiant warmer from reer prevents this by providing pleasant and soothing instant heat.

Can be set up flexibly
Can be set up flexibly thanks to removable base elements
The stand allows you to set up the radiant heater flexibly, according to your requirements and spatial conditions. Thanks to the removable base elements, the radiant heater can be placed close to the wall.*

* For safety reasons, the radiant heater with 4 foot elements may only be used directly on the wall.

Individually adjustable heating head
Individually adjustable heating head Can be tilted up to 50°
The tilt element, which is easily adjustable up to 50°, ensures that you can direct the heat radiation precisely and, above all, evenly. This function proves to be very practical, especially at the changing table, as the desired temperature is only directed to the area that is to be warmed. This ensures that the baby does not freeze and the parents do not sweat under the radiant heater. The 2in1 FeelWell changing table radiant warmer is also very economical to use thanks to the tiltable heating head, as it immediately provides cosy warmth where it is needed.
Always the right temperature
Always the right temperature thanks to two selectable heat levels
The 2in1 FeelWell changing table radiant warmer from reer has two different heat levels that can be selected quickly and easily using a pull cord. This means it offers the right heat output in any environment and room temperature.
Easy wall mounting
Easy wall mounting thanks to the removable wall mounting plate
The removable mounting plate makes attaching the changing table radiant warmer child's play. It can be conveniently attached to the wall with the enclosed screws and dowels.
Thanks to the wall mounting, the changing table radiant warmer is very space-saving and out of reach for small children's hands.

Particularly safe
Particularly safe thanks to the switchable automatic switch-off
Especially when you are in a hurry, it can happen that you forget to switch off the changing table radiant heater. With the switchable automatic switch-off function, you have one less thing to worry about. To activate the automatic switch-off, simply set the timer switch on the underside of the unit to "ON" and the changing table radiant warmer will switch off automatically after 10 minutes. However, if the 10 minutes of radiant heat is not enough for you, the unit can be switched on again in no time.
Easy operation
Easy operation thanks to the pull switch
After bathing or even when changing or dressing the child, mums and dads have their hands full. They don't have time to deal with technically complicated devices. The 2in1 FeelWell changing table radiant warmer is switched on in the twinkling of an eye with one pull and immediately provides a soothing pinpoint heat radiation. By pulling the cord again, the heating level can be changed or the device can be switched off again.
Perfectly protected from cooling down!
Perfectly protected from cooling down!
As adults, our body's own air-conditioning system reacts automatically to different temperature stimuli from outside. It doesn't matter whether we feel heat or cold. In babies, heat regulation via the skin is not yet fully developed. Their little bodies are not able to adapt their own temperature to falling outside temperatures. The child's body temperature drops as soon as the air in the environment cools down. Therefore, the little ones are quickly exposed to hypothermia and need your help, especially in the first months of life, to feel completely comfortable.
A plus in safety
A plus in safety Thanks to integrated splinter protection
Are you worried about a heat lamp hanging over your baby and possibly splintering? You don't have to, because the tubes of our changing table heat lamps are encased in splinter protection. This ensures that only the heat hits your baby and everything else stays in the changing table radiant warmer.
Product details
Product details
  • 2-in-1 can be used as a wall-mounted or free-standing device
  • 2 heat settings: 400 W / 800 W
  • optional automatic switch-off after 10 minutes, integrated tip over switch-off function
  • medical standard (Partial test from IEC 60601-2-21) and GS-approved
  • Plugtype: Schuko, cable length: 185 cm
  • 230 V / 400-800W / IP20

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Question : Ist es möglich, den "2in1 FeelWell Wickeltisch-Wärmestrahler" in einem Feuchtraum, z.B. im Badezimmer, an der Wand zu montieren? Oder ist dies mit irgendeiner Gefahr verbunden?
From : customer

Das Gerät kann im Badezimmer angebracht werden jedoch nur zum wickeln und nicht als Heizungsersatz. Der Heizstrahler sollte dann so angebracht sein das dieser weder von Dusche noch Badewanne erreichbar ist. Ebenso sollten zwingend die Informationen zur Anbringung in der Gebrauchsanweisung eingehalten und beachtet werden

Question : Welche Abmaße hat die Schraube A5?
From : customer

Die Schraube hat eine Länge von 6 cm und eine Breite von 0,6cm. Der Schruabenkopf eine Länge von 4 cm und eine Breite von 1 cm.

Question : Kann man den Standfuß auch einzeln nachkaufen?
From : customer

Leider können wir keine vollständigen Standfüße als Ersatzteil anbieten. Unsere Wandmodelle sehen zwar so aus wie unsere Modelle mit Standfuß, sie unterscheiden sich aber in der Bauart, also "unter der Haube".
Wärmestrahler, die nur für die Wandmontage gedacht sind, verfügen über keine integrierte Kippabschaltung. Diese ist ein wichtiges Sicherheits-Merkmal unserer Wickeltisch-Wärmestrahler mit Standfuß und deshalb ist ein Nachrüsten unserer Wandmodelle auf Modelle mit Standfuß leider nicht möglich.

Question : Darf ich den Wärmestrahler mit der Wandhalterung an einer tapezierten und gestrichenen Wand anbringen?
From : customer

Ja, der Heizstrahler ist dafür geeignet ihn an einer tapezierten und gestrichenen Wand anzubringen.

Question : Ist es ein Infrarot Heizstrahler? Kann man den Heizstrahler auch im Badezimmer über Fliesen anbringen?
From : customer

Unsere Geräte sind keine Infrarotheizstrahler. Es handelt sich hier um Quarzheizstrahler die nicht für das Erwärmen eines Badezimmers geeignet sind. Unsere Geräte sind ausschließlich für das Wickeln von Babys oder Babymassagen geeignet und konzipiert.

Question : Kann man die Heizspiralen auch einzeln nachkaufen?
From : customer

Ja, bei uns im Shop kann man sie nachkaufen. https://www.reer.de/Ersatz-Heizspirale-fuer-Wickeltisch-Waermestrahler-FeelWell-1926-und-1928

Question : Ich würde gerne wissen aus welchem Material der Strahler ist? Handelt es sich um BPA-Freien Kunststoff?
From : customer

Wir verzichten in vielen Fällen auf eine separate Auszeichnung des Produkts als BPA-frei. Da eine hohe Qualität und die Einhaltung aller gesetzlichen Vorgaben unserem Anspruch an unsere Produkte entspricht, können Sie davon ausgehen, dass alle unsere Produkte BPA-frei sind - auch wenn wir es nicht separat ausweisen.

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