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Changing table heater with stand


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  • no need to mount on the wall
  • installation material is included
  • replaceable safety heating element with shatter protection
  • 650 watts
  • rubber cable, suitable for outdoor use, but only ever in dry conditions
  • drip-proof housing can be rotated to 45°
Product number: 1909

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Changing table heater with stand
Changing table heater with stand offers pleasant instant heat
Perfectly protected from the cold!
Perfectly protected from the cold!
Baby’s heat regulation via the skin is not yet fully developed. They cannot yet adjust their own body temperature against large temperature differences. Your child can quickly lose body heat after bathing or a nappy change. It is therefore especially important to maintain the baby’s body temperature.
The reer changing table heater provides your baby with immediate warmth. It allows you to maintain a constant comfortable temperature and equalise temperature differences. This prevents secondary illnesses caused by undercooling, such as colds, and guarantees your baby many pleasant moments.
Comfortable heat
Comfortable heat right where it is needed
The changing table heater radiates heat evenly across the changing table and ensures temperature distribution in accordance with medical standards. The device is immediately ready for use, without long heating times. At an energy-efficient 650W, the output of the device is ideally matched to the needs of your baby.
In addition, the tilt element, which can be easily adjusted up to 45°, ensures that you can direct the heat exactly where you want it. This ensures that your baby is kept comfortably warm while you don’t have to sweat under the heater.
Simple operation
Simple operation thanks to pull switch
When changing or dressing your child, your hands are full and you have no time to deal with technically complicated equipment. The reer radiant heater is switched on in a jiffy with a single pull and immediately provides a pleasant, precise warmth. The device can be switched off again by pulling the cord. Thanks to the extra long cord, you can easily reach the pull switch, even from in front of the changing table.
Suitable for any changing table
Suitable for any changing table as a wall-mounted or free-standing device
The radiant heater can be placed anywhere in the room according to your requirements and spatial conditions using the stand provided. The sturdy base offers secure stand without the need for any annoying screwing and drilling. Thanks to the extendable telescopic rod, you can freely adjust the height of the radiant heater up to a maximum of 210 cm.
Thanks to the supplied fixing material, wall mounting is also possible. By mounting the heater above the changing table, it saves space in the nursery while keeping it out of reach from small children’s hands.
A plus for safety
A plus for safety the tilt switch-off function
Tilt protection provides additional safety when used as a standing device. If the radiant heater is leaning at too much of an angle, the unit switches off automatically until it is brought back into an upright position.
Long-lasting enjoyment
Long-lasting enjoyment can also be used outdoors
Thanks to drip-proof housing and a rubber cable, you can also use the radiant heater outdoors, so the radiant heater can be still be used, for a different purpose, once your child no longer needs nappies.
A plus in safety
A plus in safety Thanks to integrated splinter protection
Are you worried about a heat lamp hanging over your baby and possibly splintering? You don't have to, because the tubes of our changing table heat lamps are encased in splinter protection. This ensures that only the heat hits your baby and everything else stays in the changing table radiant warmer.
Product details
Product details
  • GS-certified
  • can be used as a wall-mounted or standing unit
  • integrated tilt switch-off function
  • heating head can be tilted up to 45°
  • replaceable heating rod
  • drip-proof housing and rubber cable for outdoor use
  • adjustable height: 1.48 m to max. 2.10 m
  • diameter of the stand: 50 cm
  • cord length: approx. 190 cm
  • Would you prefer a device with two heat levels? Then our 2in1 FeelWell radiant heater with 2 heat levels (400W / 800W) is just right for you.

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Question : Ich würde gern dieses Produkt erwerben, da es auch draußen verwendet werden kann. Allerdings verunsichert mich dass es nicht nach Medizinproduktestandart geprüft ist wie die anderen, hier angebotenen Heizstrahler. Inwiefern unterscheiden sich die Produkte? Bin verunsichert aufgrund evtl. schädlicher Strahlung.
From : customer

Unsere Geräte geben keine schädliche Strahlung ab da es sich hier nicht um Infrarotstrahler handelt sondern um Quarzheizspiralen die ungefähr gleich funktionieren wie eine Glühbirne. Hier wird ein Draht in der Mitte der Heizspirale (Glas) erhitzt was dann warm gibt.

Question : Muss die Halogenlampe hitzebeständig sein oder reicht eine gewöhnliche G9 Halogenbirne als Ersatz?
From : customer

Wir haben im August 2015 den Art. 1909 auf die Produktvariante ohne Nachtlicht umgestellt und haben daher keine Glühbirnen mehr auf Lager.

Der Strahler funktioniert jedoch auch ohne Nachtlicht problemlos. Sollten Sie einen Austausch auf eigene Initiative vornehmen wollen, empfehlen wir Ihnen Leuchtmittel, die hitzegeeignet (z.B. Backofen) sind. Die Glühbirne hat eine G9-Fassung. Wir verwendeten früher Lampen mit der Spezifikation für G9-Fassungen, 50 Hz, 20W, für 230V Stromkreise).

Bzgl. Austausch der Birne müssen Sie nur die Schrauben der Gitterblende entfernen, dann die Gitterblende anheben, Glühbirne austauschen und die Gitterblende wieder anschrauben.

Question : Wie lang ist das Stromkabel?
From : customer

Das Stromkabel ist, ab dem Kopf des Heizstrahlers, 2,8 m lang. Die Montagehöhe muss beachtet werden.

Question : Gibt es eine Abschaltautomatik, sodass sich der Heizstrahler nach einer bestimmten Zeit ausschaltet? Wenn es eine Abschaltautomatik gibt, wann wird diese aktiv und kann man sie auch deaktivieren, sodass der Heizstrahler so lange eingeschaltet bleibt, bis man ihn selbst wieder ausschaltet?
From : customer

Der von Ihnen genannte Heizstrahler 1909 hat keine Abschaltautomatik. Die von Ihnen genannten Funktionen erfüllt jedoch das Gerät mit der Artikelnummer 1928 in vollem Umfang.

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