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FeelWell Air – 3in1 baby heater



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  • 3in1: 2 heat levels and cooling function
  • Pleasant warmth when free-range, before or after bathing, in the play corner
  • High-quality ceramic heating element
  • recommended by midwives
  • tested child-safe: tilt switch-off, overheating protection
  • 2 heat settings: 700W / 1500W (230V)
Product number: 19340

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3in1 FeelWell Air
3in1 FeelWell Air Fan heater for your child
Caution: Hypothermia!
Caution: Hypothermia!
As babies and toddlers, unlike us adults, cannot generate their own heat through movement or trembling, it is particularly important to maintain the baby's body temperature.
Especially after bathing or when changing nappies, babies can quickly become hypothermic and thus catch a cold.
Provides cosy instant warmth
Provides cosy instant warmth
The FeelWell Air creates a feeling of cosy comfort within a very short time. Its ceramic heating elements heat the surrounding air immediately. Every environment thus becomes a feel-good environment for your little darling.
The fan heater for baby needs
The fan heater for baby needs
The FeelWell Air is the first fan heater specially designed for babies' needs. Its heat settings (700 and 1500 watts) provide pleasant warmth without overheating your baby. The tilt switch-off secures the device if it falls over. The heating elements lie safely behind a grid.
Free and warm playing
Free and warm playing strampeln und spielen
The less clothes your baby has on, the more comfortable he feels. Playing without a romper suit offers freedom of movement and arouses enthusiasm. But unfortunately there is a risk of cooling down quickly. Our FeelWell Air is ideal for warming the romper and later the play area.
Ideal in combination with a changing table heater
Ideal in combination with a changing table heater
Your bathroom or nursery is too cool for baby's bath or a play session? No problem for the FeelWell Air. It warms the air and thus the whole room while your baby lies under the changing table heater and enjoys its direct heat.
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Why does my fan heater clack?

The clacking noise in the fan heater is the tilt switch-off and therefore a safety feature. As you know, our FeelWell Air fan heater has a so-called tilt switch-off. This ensures that the fan heater switches off immediately if it is accidentally knocked over.
This is technically realised by a ball. If the unit falls over, it rolls away from its usual place and thus interrupts the power supply to the unit. When you shake the unit, you can hear this ball. So the heater rattles for your safety.

My fan heater smells, what can I do?

Congratulations on a brand new product! Don't worry, your product only smells new! It's completely natural. You know it from a new car, new clothes and now also from your fan heater: A new product smells new because it has not yet taken on the odours of the environment. This is harmless for you or your child.
But if you want to be sure, use the heater for yourself for the first 2-3 days. The smell will fade away and you will have a lot of fun with your product.

Does the grille of my fan heater get hot?

Keep your distance! The air outlet at the front (the grille) gets hot during use. How quickly depends on various factors. Therefore, in addition to the minimum distance of 1 m between the fan heater and all objects, we recommend that you always use the fan heater under supervision and keep it out of your child's reach. This will give your baby warmth and safety at the same time.

Can I use my fan heater as a substitute for a heater?

The fan heater does not replace a radiator! The performance of the fan heater is adapted to the needs of your baby. For example, it creates an oasis of warmth where your baby's play blanket is and helps to warm the bathroom before your child takes a bath. To protect your child, the output is limited at the top. The FeelWell Air is therefore not suitable for permanently heating a large room and is therefore not a substitute for a heater.

Can I use my fan heater instead of a changing table radiant warmer?

As the minimum distance of 1 m between the child and the fan heater cannot usually be maintained on a changing table, the FeelWell Air does not replace a changing table radiant warmer. However, the FeelWell Air is an excellent addition to our changing table heaters. Together they are an unbeatable combination. 

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