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TravelKid Breeze seat support


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  • breathable seat support made form certified Outlast® material
  • for the ideal temperature in the baby seat
  • quick and easy cleaning
Product number: 86131
TravelKid Breeze
TravelKid Breeze Seat cover
For the perfect seat climate
For the perfect seat climate
Outings in the heat of summer can easily become unpleasant for children. Whether it's car seats, buggies or bike seats, most seat covers are not breathable and children quickly start to sweat. The stagnation of warm air and lack of ventilation can lead to small bodies overheating.
The TravelKid Breeze seat cover with its Outlast® material ensures the perfect climate and optimal ventilation.
Proactive temperature regulation
Proactive temperature regulation with certified Outlast® material
The Outlast® material absorbs any excess body heat your child is giving out and locks it in. This prevents hot air from stagnating in the seat and ensures a comfortably cool climate. The breathable seat cover does not only ensure optimal ventilation, but also ensures proactive temperature regulation and even temperature distribution in the child's seat. When the ambient temperature drops, the accumulated heat is released.
Universal fit
Universal fit thanks to clever shape
With its slim design (30 cm wide), the seat cover can be used universally in any car seat (groups I, II, III), in travel systems, buggies and bike seats. Its total length of 80 cm covers the entire seat and ensures the perfect climate, right down to the legs.
Secure travelling
Secure travelling fits three- and five-point belt systems
With slots at the shoulders, hips and between the legs, children can be secured properly with a five- or three-point harnesses while using the cover. Additional belt slots enable easy use of low-lying shoulder belts to keep smaller children secure.
Quick and secure installation
Quick and secure installation with elastic string fasteners
The seat cover can be attached quickly and easily. Simply place it in your child seat or travel system, and you're done. The top part is fitted with elastic strings to ensure a firm hold. They are stretched around the headrest to keep the cover in place.
Hygienically clean
Hygienically clean machine-washable
Similar to a protective cover, the seat cover protects the original child seat cover against dirt and wear. In the event of any stains, the cover can simply be washed in the washing machine at 40°C – ensuring long, hygienically clean utilisation.
Product details
Product details
  • breathable seat support made form certified Outlast® material
  • ensures proactive temperature regulation and even heat distribution
  • suitable for all child car seats (Group I, II, III), strollers, buggies and bicycle seats
  • as well as five- and three-point harnesses and seat belts
  • protects the cover from soiling
  • quick and easy installation
  • quick and easy cleaning (washable at 40°C)
  • dimensions: approx. 80 x 30 cm

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