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Nightguide - night light


  • soft light calms children in the dark and makes tripping hazards visible
  • with on/off switch
  • aesthetic and subtle design
  • adequate for all conventional power sockets
  • energy-saving LED technology without heat generation
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Product number: 52390
NightGuide night light
To help you find your way in the dark
To help you find your way in the dark
Many children start to become scared of the dark from an early age. Familiar features disappear and the normally familiar home becomes a strange, threatening place which triggers negative aspects of a child's imagination.
The NightGuide night light gives your child a source of light in the darkness – for a familiar environment and to help them get their bearings.

Gives a soft light
Gives a soft light to reduce fear and to help get bearings
Whether it's in the child's bedroom or in the dark hallway – the NightGuide sees you all safely through the night. When using it in the child's bedroom, the night light provides enough light to stop your child being afraid of the dark without disturbing the nocturnal mood. A sleep environment free of fear will help your child to slip into a deep and carefree sleep.
The light is also helpful outside of the child's bedroom. It provides a soft glow in the darkness, helping your child easily find their way to the toilet without getting scared.

Illuminates rooms
Illuminates rooms ... for as long as you need it
Once you think dusk is slowly approaching, and it's time for a little more light, you can also simply switch on the light. The light will now operate continuously until it's no longer required and is switched off again.
Universal fit
Universal fit thanks to Europlug and discrete design
The night light can be used for virtually any home environment. Not only does the Europlug ensure that it can be used in virtually any European country, its discrete design means it fits harmoniously into any interior styling without spoiling the ambience. The sleek measurements mean that there will be enough space for it even in the tightest of spots.
Product details
Product details
  • helps with finding bearings in the night
  •  twilight sensor: Only lights up during hours of darkness
  • warm light (light colour: approx. 3,000 K)
  • energy-saving LED technology without getting hot
  • suitable for almost all conventional sockets
  • dimensions: 6 x 9.5 x 5.5 cm

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