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Door handle stop


  • child-proof closure of apartment and entry doors
  • strong hold and residue-free removal
  • easy operation for adults: operation with only one hand
  • suitable for most usual types of door handle (distance between the door and the door handle may be max. 7.5 cm)
Product number: 70110

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Door handle stop
Door handle stop Childproof locking of flat and entrance doors
Prevents children from opening the front door unnoticed
Prevents children from opening the front door unnoticed
As children become more mobile, take their first steps and begin to pull themselves up on objects, they are also attracted to doors. This can quickly become a new source of danger, as door handles are at a direct height and can be easily reached by even the youngest children. are easy to reach even for the youngest children.
With our door handle stop, you can protect the front door from being opened unnoticed by your child.
Reliable protection
Reliable protection Prevents people from leaving the flat or house unnoticed
The bottom bolt of the door handle lock blocks the door handle and thus prevents the house or flat door from being opened unnoticed. This effectively prevents little adventurers from leaving the home unnoticed, thereby preventing falls down the stairs and other potential accidents.
Childproof closure
Childproof closure Double opening mechanism
For particularly secure locking, the safety catch has been equipped with a double unlocking mechanism. To open the lock, the two side buttons must be held down and the movable part of the lock must be folded down at the same time. These two actions are almost impossible for small children to perform, but adults can do them easily with one hand.
Simple (dis)assembly
Simple (dis)assembly Secure adhesive mounting
The fuse can be attached quickly and easily without drilling or screws. The adhesive tape is already pre-installed and after removing the protective film and sticking it on, the fuse is immediately ready for use. The 3M adhesive tape provides reliable adhesive strength for a long period of time. As soon as the security device is no longer required, it can be removed without leaving any residue or damage to the door leaf.
Flexible use
Flexible use Suitable for almost all door handles
The safety catch can be used for all door handles with a handle (not suitable for door knobs) - regardless of design and material. The door handle stop is attached directly to the door leaf. It is important that the distance between the door leaf and the handle is no greater than 7.5 cm. The security device can therefore be used for most flat and front doors and always provides reliable protection.
Product details
Product details
  • Childproof locking of flat and entrance doors 
  • strong hold and residue-free removal 
  • easy handling for adults: operation with just one hand 
  • suitable for most standard door handles (maximum distance between door and door handle must not exceed 7.5 cm)
  • Colour: white
  • Material: plastic

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