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Oven door lock


  • child-proof closure of the oven door
  • strong hold and residue-free removal, heat-resistant adhesive tape
  • easy operation for adults: operation with only one hand
  • material: plastic
  • contents: 1 piece; colour: gray
Product number: 78021

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Oven childproof lock
Oven childproof lock Childproof locking of the oven door
Closes oven doors securely against curious children's hands
Closes oven doors securely against curious children's hands
When children learn to crawl and walk, nothing is safe from them. The oven in particular can quickly become a new source of danger, as the oven handle is close to the floor, making it easy for even the youngest children to reach. Delicious smells or the bright light when the oven is switched on magically attract the little ones, but are often not entirely harmless.
With our oven child safety lock, you can prevent your child from opening the oven door unnoticed and thus prevent injuries.
Effective protection
Effective protection Protects against burns
The oven door stop is the perfect tool to effectively protect your child from burns. It acts as a reliable lock that prevents your child from burning themselves on hot food, trays, containers or the hot inside of the oven. At the same time, the oven door stop helps to prevent accidents that could result from heavy or hot objects being pulled out of the oven.
Childproof closure
Childproof closure Double opening mechanism
For particularly secure locking, the safety catch has been equipped with a double unlocking mechanism. To open the lock, the two side buttons must be held down and the movable part of the lock must be turned to the side at the same time. These two actions cannot be carried out by small children, but can be done easily with one hand by adults.
Simple (dis)assembly
Simple (dis)assembly Secure adhesive mounting
The fuse is quick and easy to fit. The adhesive tape is already pre-installed and after removing the protective film and sticking it to the oven, the fuse is immediately ready for use. The heat-resistant 3M VHB adhesive tape gives the fuse reliable adhesive strength even at high temperatures. As soon as the safety catch is no longer needed, the oven door stop can be removed without leaving any residue and without damaging the oven.
Flexible use
Flexible use Suitable for almost all models
The safety catch is simply glued to the operating bar and therefore requires no special devices for secure attachment. Thanks to the variable direction of rotation of the moving part, you can choose between three positions: bottom, right & left. This makes the safety catch suitable for almost all ovens, regardless of whether you have 4 or 6 rotary knobs or whether they are retractable or not.
Product details
Product details
  • Childproof locking of the oven door
  • strong hold and residue-free removal
  • Heat-resistant adhesive tape 
  • easy handling for adults: operation with just one hand
  • Material: plastic

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