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Stove knob cover


  • prevents children from switching on the stove or oven 
  • protects e.g. against burning or kitchen fires 
  • particularly strong magnet for child-safe handling, no drilling or gluing
  • suitable for all knob types of standard magnetic control panels 
Product number: 78019

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  Oven knob cover
Oven knob cover prevents children from being able to switch on the cooker or oven
Protects against burns and kitchen fires
Protects against burns and kitchen fires
Many dangers lie in wait for young children in the kitchen, and cooker or oven knobs are a huge temptation for little ones. What makes them particularly dangerous is that they are easy for even very small children to reach and use, which is why just a short moment of inattention is enough for the oven to be switched on. This can result in serious burns or even a kitchen fire.
The reer oven knob cover prevents children from using knobs without being noticed and so offers reliable protection against severe injuries. Unlike with conventional oven knob covers, you can secure all knobs in one stroke – even retractable oven knobs!

Particularly child-proof
Particularly child-proof thanks to well-thought-out details
Should your child become interested in the oven and its various knobs, they are securely protected against curious little fingers: the strong magnets ensure an extra-secure hold and so reliably prevent children removing the cover and so switching on the cooker or oven unnoticed. The rounded corners offer additional protection for your child.
The oven knob cover is made from transparent acrylic glass and so fits perfectly with any kitchen style. This also prevents your child’s attention from being unnecessarily drawn to the cooker and a source of danger.

Practical use
Practical use thanks to silicone-covered magnets
When you want to start cooking, you can remove the cover from the oven knob panel. The cover is simply attached using magnets over the oven knobs. No sticking, drilling or screwing is required to ensure a secure hold. To rule out possible damage to the oven, the magnets are covered with a thin layer of silicone. This protects against even fine scratches on sensitive surfaces. 
Universal use
Universal use thanks to generous dimensions
The oven knob cover is remarkable not just thanks to its simple application but also due to its flexible use. It sticks to any magnetic panel. As the screen is placed directly onto the oven knob panel, only a 3 mm gap is required between the work surface and oven panel. Its size (54 cm x 9.5 cm) means it will fit pretty much wherever the knobs are located on the panel. Its depth (2.9 cm) allows for unproblematic use for both protruding or retractable knobs.
Hygienic use in the long term
Hygienic use in the long term thanks to high-quality material
The smooth acrylic glass can be cleaned quickly using a damp cloth should it get dirty. The temperature-resistant material also protects against damage or distortion in the event of contact with strong heat, for example when hot air streams out of the oven when it is turned on. 
Product details:
Product details:
  • prevents children from being able to switch on the cooker or oven
  • protects against burns or kitchen fires, for example
  • special construction and particularly strong magnets for child-proof hold
  • easy attachment and removal by adults
  • no drilling or sticking necessary
  • suitable for all types of knobs on conventional, magnetic panels
  • silicone-covered magnets protect the oven from scratches
  • stable and temperature-resistant material
  • rounded corners and edges to protect against injuries
  • inconspicuous design
  • smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • material: acrylic glass, metal
  • dimensions: length 54 cm, height: 9.5 cm, depth: 2.9 cm

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