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Growing buggy organiser with changing mat


  • RPET: made from 7 recycled PET bottles (0.5l)
  • Large main compartment with practical zip, 2 holders for bottles and 2 outside pockets and removable changing mat
  • Clip&Go: with 2 snap hooks for easy attachment and removal
  • easy to clean thanks to water- and dirt-repellent material
  • Dimensions: approx. 23 x 33 x 11 cm
Product number: 84071

Our Awards

Growing buggy organiser with changing mat
Growing buggy organiser with changing mat hergestellt aus 7 PET Flaschen
Gut gerüstet für Ausflüge
Gut gerüstet für Ausflüge Well-equipped for outings
When caring for your little love when out and about, there are a number of important things that you also need to carry with you. Nappies, wet wipes and bottle to name but a few. To make sure that you have everything quickly to hand when you're out and about, a well-stocked changing bag is indispensable.
Our Growing buggy organiser is not just an organisational mastermind that provides lots of space for what you need when out and about with your baby, it's also a sustainable companion – as it has been manufactured completely from recycled PET bottles.

Environmentally aware & sustainable
Environmentally aware & sustainable Made of 7 PET bottles
Thanks to a production process that conserves resources, the Growing buggy organiser is particularly sustainable – because we at reer also want to contribute to the protection of our planet and thus the future of our children. This is why all products in the Growing range are manufactured using renewable or recycled raw materials (find out more here). The buggy organiser has been made with polyester that was not processed in the conventional way using crude oil but instead from recycled PET bottles. Recycling old plastic bottles not only reduces waste, it also saves on fossil resources.
The clever compartments ensure
The clever compartments ensure that everything is easily to hand
The baby-changing bag has a large main compartment with lots of storage capacity, giving you plenty of space for all the necessary changing equipment. Thanks to the clever compartments inside, it gives nappies etc. their own space and you always have the item you need to hand. There are separate holders on each side for your baby's bottle or your insulated drink cup. The 2 additional outside compartments are the perfect place to store your personal items such as keys, mobile or purse.
Hygienic baby changing
Hygienic baby changing thanks to the practical baby changing mat
If you're out and about for longer periods of time, at some point you will need to change your baby's nappy. There are of course public baby-changing stations, but you won't want to simply place your baby onto an unknown changing mat. To enable you to hygienically change your baby when out and about, the changing bag has its own changing mat. This can be conveniently detached from the bag and used separately as required. The dirt and water-repellent material is easy and quick to clean after each use – for long-lasting hygiene. 
Flexible carrying options
Flexible carrying options on the buggy bag or as a shoulder bag
The organiser can be conveniently attached to the buggy so that it doesn't need to be carried. But when you're not able to take your buggy out with you, perhaps because you want to take a short break in a café with your child, the bag can also be carried conveniently without the buggy. The adjustable straps allow the bag to be worn either over just one shoulder or diagonally over the whole upper body.
Simple and flexible attachment
Simple and flexible attachment thanks to the Clip&Go carabiner
The baby-changing bag is supplied with 2 Clip&Go carabiner. They are attached to the buggy handle using hook-and-loop fastening, enabling easy attachment of the bag to the buggy: simply hook the bag to the carabiner and off you go. After removal, the clips can stay on the buggy making it ready for the next use at any time.
Securely closed
Securely closed thanks to the zip
The buggy organiser has a practical zip. This gives you peace of mind when out and about, ensuring that nothing will get lost or out of place. When closed, the bag also protects your equipment from rain and water ingress. 
Product details
Product details
  • 2in1: can be used as a pram organiser or shoulder bag
  • useful organiser: the most important utensils always at hand with practical changing mat for on the go
  • large main compartment with practical zip for extra storage space
  • large inner compartment for personal valuables
  • clever interior partitioning incl. holder for up to 2 bottles
  • easy to clean thanks to water- and dirt-repellent material
  • Clip&Go: easy attachment and flexible removal with carabiner hooks

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