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Economy pack door stopper, transparent, 3 pieces


  • protects children's hands from getting trapped in doors
  • firm to the bite, resistant and durable
  • tested according DIN EN 16654:2018
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Door stopper
Door stopper protects children’s hands from being caught in the door
Protects against injuries due to accidental doors!
Protects against injuries due to accidental doors!
Getting fingers caught in the doorway is one of the main causes of accidents for children at home, as even an open window or a draught can be enough to slam a door shut uncontrolledly. If the child can’t move their hand out of the way in time, their delicate fingers can get jammed. These forces can cause serious injuries such as bruises, haematomas and broken fingers.
Door stoppers provide suitable prevention in sparing your child this painful experience. They prevent accidents with doors and protect against jammed fingers.
Quality and safety
Quality and safety proven according to strict testing standards
To offer babies and toddlers maximum protection, reer products are checked in accordance with strict testing standards. The item not only goes through in-house tests, but is also inspected by independent institutions. Our door stopper was tested against the current DIN EN 16654:2018 standard.
It has passed hold tests, durability tests and strain bearing tests. Even under great strain, the door stopper sits securely on the door panel and maintains its shape. Only door stoppers which have been tested against this standard offer sufficient protection and a secure hold. They continue to be safe even after long use (tested at 5000 cycles).
Especially safe
Especially safe holds the door open
The door stopper is placed onto the door panel as a bumper and reliably prevents uncontrolled closing. The gap, which is at least 12 mm wide, saves the small hands of children from painful bruises. Since a door with an appropriate stopper cannot be closed, children also cannot be unintentionally confined to a room.
Secure hold
Secure hold thanks to the nonslip material and special ribbed structure
The door stopper is place on the door panel out of the reach of children. You can decide for yourself whether to place it on the top or the side of the door. Nonslip materials and a special ribbed structure ensure a secure hold and dispense with the need for glue or screws.
High-grade and hard wearing material
High-grade and hard wearing material free from potentially harmful substances
The flexible and soft, yet sturdy plastic ensures safe cushioning when the door swings closed and protects the door frame and panel. The high-grade, hard wearing material is particularly tough and bite-proof. The processed plastic is free of substances hazardous to health.
Product details
Product details
  • special ribbed structure ensures a secure hold
  • bite-proof, tough and durable
  • for doors (wood and metal) from 30 to 45 mm thick
  • tested in accordance with DIN EN 16654:2018
  • also available in grey as a multi-pack (3 door stopper, transparent)

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