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ColourTemp Digital Thermometer with big screen


  • large illuminated display
  • short measurement duration
  • optical and acoustic fever warning at >37,6°C
  • flexible measuring tip
Product number: 98030
ColourTemp Digital thermometer
Always keep an eye on body temperature
Always keep an eye on body temperature
Fever is not an illness, but a protective reaction of the body against infections. The increased temperature effects the body to fight the pathogens on its own. In contrast, high fever can effect bodily functions severely and is a great strain, especially to children's sensitive organism.
With the ColourTemp digital thermometer you can quickly and easily check your baby's or child's temperature.
Early fever warning
Early fever warning thanks to acoustic and optical fever alert
As soon as the fever thermometer detects increased temperature (over 37,5°C) the display of the thermometer turns red. Additionally, a signal tone indicates the fever. Thus you immediately know if your baby has an increased temperature.
Especially gentle fever measuring
Especially gentle fever measuring thanks to flexible measuring tip
During the fever measuring, the little ones often get restless which makes it almost impossible to get precise measured values. However, the most reliable fever measuring method is still the rectal measurement. The ColourTemp therefore has an extra shot measuring time of only 10 seconds. Thanks to the flexible measuring tip fever measuring is also possible when the little one is restless and reduces the risk of injury.
Well informed
Well informed memory display of the last measured value
The thermometer is equipped with an extra large illuminated LCD display. After turning the fever thermometer on, it automatically displays the last measured value for two seconds. This way you can easily follow the course of your little one's fever.
Product details
Product details
  • large illuminated display
  • short measurement duration: 10 seconds
  • optical and acoustic fever warning at >37,6 °C
  • with flexible measuring tip
  • last measured value is saved
  • switch-off automation
  • water-proof

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