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ExpressTemp Pro, digital express-thermometer


  • short measurement duration: 10 sec.
  • with flexible measuring tip
  • large and illuminated display - ideal at night
Product number: 98122

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ExpressTemp Pro
ExpressTemp Pro digital express thermometer
A quick overview of body temperature at all times
A quick overview of body temperature at all times
Fever is not an illness but the body's reaction to help protect against infections. The temperature increase stimulates the body to use its own resources to fight against a wide variety of pathogens. However, a high fever can impair important bodily functions significantly and places a great strain on sensitive organisms, including small children in particular. Using the digital thermometer ExpressTemp Pro, you can check the temperature of your baby or child quickly and easily.
Extremely gentle fever readings
Extremely gentle fever readings thanks to a flexible measuring tip
Little ones are often fidgety when having their temperature taken, which makes it almost impossible to get precise readings. Yet the most reliable method for determining the extent of a fever is to take a rectal reading. Bearing that in mind, the ExpressTemp Pro has an extra-short measuring time of just 10 seconds. Thanks to the flexible measuring tip, taking a rectal reading is easily possible even with a wriggly baby, and the danger of injury to the little one is reduced.
Ideal for night-time
Ideal for night-time with an illuminated display
To continuously monitor the course of a fever, night-time measurements are unavoidable. Plenty of sleep is extremely important for a rapid recovery. So you shouldn't wake your child up at night if possible. The illuminated display enables you to easily check your child's temperature at night without disturbing them. You don't need an additional light in the room to obtain the temperature reading.
Extremely skin-friendly
Extremely skin-friendly thanks to a gold-plated measuring tip
The ExpressTemp Pro has been equipped with a gold-plated measuring tip. The anti-allergenic gold tip means the thermometer is not only ideal for allergy sufferers but is also particularly gentle on sensitive baby skin. This is confirmed by dermatest, which has given our thermometer a "very good" rating.
Well informed
Well informed memory display of the last reading
The thermometer features an extra-large, illuminated LCD display. When you switch the thermometer on, this automatically displays the last temperature reading taken. This enables you to easily track the course of your child's fever.
Hygienic storage
Hygienic storage thanks to an enclosed protective case
After use, the water-proof thermometer can be quickly and easily cleaned under warm, running water. For particularly hygienic use, the ExpressTemp Pro can then be stored in the enclosed protective case. It is also highly recommended for each family member to have their own thermometer for hygiene reasons.
 Product details
Product details
  • short measurement duration: 10 sec.
  • with flexible measuring tip
  • large and illuminated display - ideal at night
  • dermatologically tested
  • skin-friendly, suitable for allergy sufferers
  • acoustic fever warning at >37.6 °C
  • last measured value is saved
  • water-proof
  • switch-off automation
  • We recommend our Colour SoftTemp infrared thermometer for relaxed, contactless initial measurements.

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