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Growing Cutlery, 2 pieces


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  • particularly light and robust
  • dishwasher-safe
  • material: made from 80% renewable resources such as sugar, German wood, 20 % PE
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Growing cutlery 4 pieces set
Growing cutlery 4 pieces set sustainable dinnerware for everyday use with children
Dinnerware for our little ones and our environment
Dinnerware for our little ones and our environment
Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or supper, for small children every mealtime is a chance for experimentation. Our cutlery from the Growing range are particularly well suited for learning to eat independently – in terms of size and weight, they are optimally designed for the motor activity and strength of toddlers. Thanks to a production process that conserves resources, our Growing products are particularly sustainable – enabling us at reer to contribute to the protection of our planet and so to the future of our children.
Added fun while eating
Added fun while eating thanks to colours and motifs that children love
Meals eaten from dinnerware in cheerful colours automatically taste much better, as it is not only the food itself that determines whether your little one enjoys their meal. That’s why the tableware sets provide for perfect combinations of brilliant colour and conjure up a brightly decorated table – entirely in accordance with your child’s tastes. This stimulates curiosity and an interest in food, while promoting the development of active eating habits.
Robust and easy to care for
Robust and easy to care for ensuring long use
Particularly when small children are learning to eat, it is completely normal for forks and spoons to be heavily used. Due to its robust surface, reer dinnerware stands up to the tough conditions involved in everyday use with children and can also be used in the microwave without any problems. The dinnerware can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, allowing for particularly convenient and hygienic cleaning.
For early eating attempts with cutlery
For early eating attempts with cutlery Set of two spoons & forks
Training cutlery with broad handles makes it easy for your child to hold the cutlery securely and comfortably in their hand – helping with the development and promotion of the fine motor skills needed for independent eating. Both items of cutlery have flattened edges and rounded points, preventing injuries to the sensitive mouth and throat area.
The deep bowl of the spoon ensures that porridge or soup can be easily eaten up; the forks with their short, stumpy prongs serve to help prepare children for proper cutlery without any unnecessary risk of injury.
Promotes independent eating
Promotes independent eating practical & light
To enable your child to eat independently, children’s dinnerware needs to possess particularly good haptic qualities. The naturally matt surface structure of reer’s dinnerware feels good in the hand and makes it easier for your little one to grab and hold. The size and weight of each individual piece of dinnerware is ideally suited to children’s hands, and the items can be used throughout childhood.
No risk of injury
No risk of injury for maximum safety
Each individual piece of dinnerware in our Growing range features exclusively rounded edges – in combination with the shatterproof material, they guarantee safe use and lend the Growing dinnerware a timelessly elegant look.
Particularly when a child is first experimenting with food, forks and spoons cannot always be prevented from falling. The shatterproof material guards against breakage and splintering, which can be particularly dangerous for small children.
Free from harmful substances (BPA, melamine and PVC)
Free from harmful substances (BPA, melamine and PVC) so food remains healthy
If food is stored or heated in receptacles containing melamine, harmful melamine and formaldehyde may be released from the dinnerware and transferred into the food. That’s why it is especially important to pay attention not only to good food but also to the materials used for dinnerware. Our dinnerware from the Growing range consists of 80% renewable raw materials such as wood and sugar, 20 % PE, and is free from melamine, BPA and PVC (as tested by an independent testing laboratory).
Diverse usage
Diverse usage including when out and about
The high-quality children’s dinnerware is ideal for daily use, but it also makes a good alternative to disposable dinnerware outside your own four walls. The dinnerware is stackable and so can be stored and transported in a space-saving manner. The fact that it is light and shatterproof also makes it perfectly suited to camping trips, picnics and other outings.
Environmentally conscious & sustainable
Environmentally conscious & sustainable for the love of our children and nature
As a family company in the baby industry, acting responsibly and sustainably with respect to nature and its raw materials is a logical consequence for the protection of the next generation. reer dinnerware for children is 80% extracted from renewable raw materials like wood and sugar. You can find out more about the sustainable characteristics of the material here.
Product details
Product details
  • Age recommendation: From 6 months
  • particularly light and robust
  • dishwasher-safe
  • complies with safety standard EN 14372
  • free of BPA, PVC and melamine
  • material: made from 80% renewable resources such as sugar, German wood, 20 % PE

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