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  • double opening mechanism for particularly safe locking
  • firm hold due to the screw assembly
  • easy fastening using the enclosed assembly aid
  • tested according to the standard EN 16948:2017
  • integrated finger trap protection prevents injuries
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Product number: 71060, 71070

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Drawer and cabinet door lock
Drawer and cabinet door lock reliably closes cupboards and drawers
Secure protection for curious children's hands
Secure protection for curious children's hands
The contents of cupboards and drawers are particularly exciting for little ones. Once they learn to crawl and walk, they can easily reach handles and objects that do not belong in children’s hands, such as knives or poisonous cleaning agents.
To protect your little loves against these kind of dangers, it is particularly important to close cupboards and drawers with child safety catches. The drawer safety catch by reer provides you with fast and easy reliable protection.
Double the safety
Double the safety drawer safety catch that protects against trapped fingers
The safety catch prevents both the opening and the unintended closing of drawers. The drawer fitted with the catch can only be opened a small crack, until the bar engages in the lock position. In this position, the drawer cannot be opened or closed without an additional step. On the one hand, this prevents your child gaining access to the contents of the drawer. On the other hand, this lock position protects your child from trapping their fingers when attempting to close the drawer. The drawer can only be opened or closed completely when you unclasp the safety catch.
Quality and safety
Quality and safety tested in accordance with strict criteria
For the protection of your loved ones, our products are subjected both to internal tests and also to examination by external institutions. The drawer protector was tested based on the current standard EN 16948:2017 (cupboard and drawer safety catches) and successfully passed all tests with respect to hold, durability and resistance. The child safety catch is robust and hard-wearing, i.e. it doesn’t splinter or break. Even after more than 5,000 openings, it remains stable and guarantees the same unrestricted protection as when new.
Fast and simple mounting
Fast and simple mounting thanks to patented mounting aid
Thanks to the innovative mounting aid, attachment is now even easier, faster and, in particular, error-free. There is now no need to carry out laborious measurements and markings to apply the bar. Mounting aid enables precise attachment in just a few steps. Simply stick the attachment parts onto the mounting aid and remove the protective film from the adhesive surfaces. Then apply at the top in the cupboard, close the drawer and wait a short while. Then all you have to do is switch the mounting aid with the security bar and screw everything together – done.
Universally usable
Universally usable for cupboard doors and drawers
The safety catch can be installed both in drawers and on the inside of a cupboard door. The safety catch can be applied both to the side or at the top to suit the situation. It cannot be seen from outside and therefore fits "invisibly" into any living environment.
Easy to open and close
Easy to open and close comfortable handling for adults
The double unlocking mechanism keeps cupboards particularly safely closed from little explorers. For adults, though, it can be easily opened with one hand. To do this, the bar only needs to be pressed down and shifted to the right – the cupboard then opens as usual.
Product details
Product details
  • fast and simple attachment thanks to patented mounting aid
  • mounting without measurement or marking in a matter of minutes
  • tested according to new standard EN 16948:2017
  • double opening mechanism for particularly safe locking
  • integrated trap protection prevents trapped fingers
  • strong adhesion thanks to screw mounting
  • contents: 3 items incl. screws
  • also available as Economy Pack with 8 pieces

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