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WallFlex Baseboard set


  • with WallFlex child safety gates can be safely installed despite uneven fl oors and carpet skirting boards
  • fits all reer gates as well as a number of child safety gates made by other manufacturers
  • suitable for door skirting boards with a max. thickness of 22 mm and max. height of 180 mm
Product number: 46060
WallFlex Baseboard set
Flexible solution for individual living situations
Flexible solution for individual living situations
As soon as little ones begin to crawl, they want to actively start exploring their environment. However, they are at precisely the age when they are not yet able to recognise or correctly assess dangers. Unfortunately, this often leads to minor or more serious accidents.
For children to be able to enjoy the carefree discovery of the world around them, the right precautions need to be taken to child-proof their environment. However, it is not always possible to secure every living situation with a classic gate. That is why reer offers a wide range of safety gate accessories to help you provide reliable protection for the sources of danger in your home and to create a safe environment for your child.

Installing child safety gates securely...
Installing child safety gates securely... ...even if there are protruding skirting boards or carpet skirting
Often, professionally mounting safety gates is not as straightforward as it may seem – even carpet skirting can quickly become a challenge. With the reer WallFlex baseboard set, you can solve this problem quickly and easily. It compensates for differing distances to the wall, thus ensuring the ideal surface area for mounting. The WallFlex set is compatible with all reer safety gates and a wide range of child safety gates from other manufacturers.
Particularly easy to install
Particularly easy to install Mounting without measuring
The included spacer has been designed with a depth that allows the WallFlex set to be used with all skirting boards and carpet skirting up to 22 mm thick. Tedious measurements and possible errors in taking them become a thing of the past.
Mounting above the skirting also protects the carpet skirting or skirting boards from unsightly drill holes.

Other useful helpers
Other useful helpers Y-spindles, extensions and more.
It is not just protruding skirting boards that can present challenges when it comes to safety gates for doors and staircases. In many cases, the lack of fastening options caused by round guardrail posts or extra-wide passages makes it difficult to properly install safety gates. Our accessories offer a quick and easy solution for (almost) all problems:
StairFlex: enables stair gates to be easily mounted on railings that do not have a suitable surface for clamping or screwing; available in white and anthracite
Extensions: makes it possible to easily and flexibly extend the reer pressure-fit gate models 46302 and 46730
Y-spindle: enables reer pressure-fit safety gates to be mounted on round rods

Product details
Product details
  • with WallFlex, child safety gates can be securely mounted despite protruding skirting boards or carpets
  • suitable for all reer safety gates as well as for a large number of child safety gates from other manufacturers
  • suitable for baseboards up to max. 22 mm thick and max. 180 mm high
  • Material: wood (pine, Pinus Pinea, New Zealand), plastic
  • colour: white
  • Contents: 1 x mounting board, 1 x mounting set, 1 x spirit level

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