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Trend wall mounted gate for gateway widths from 76 - 106 cm


  • the perfect combination of safety, simple design and comfort will fit well in any modern living environment
  • suitable for gateway widths from 76–106 cm
  • barrier-free gateway: due to the firm screw connection, no clamping frame is required
  • installation height: 78 cm
  • simple installation and removal means the safety gate can be used easily by grandparents in their home or in different locations around your home
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Product number: 46011
Trend DesignLine DesignLine door/stair guard
Create a safe environment for your child
Create a safe environment for your child
Unfortunately, accidents involving toddlers happen very quickly. As soon as they start exploring their environment, they seem to be magically drawn to sources of danger. Stairs in particular are a major danger zone. Crawling up and down the stairs is exciting and a lot of fun! Unfortunately, this kind of fun can often result in falls and serious injuries.
However, not only stairs, but also "child unfriendly rooms" like the kitchen or the bathroom, where dangerous devices or cleaning agents are stored, should be secured because hot stoves, medication or cleaning agents can result in serious injuries like burns or poisoning.
Ensure your child's safety with a door guard!
Particularly flexible door and stair guards
Particularly flexible door and stair guards offering different options for use and adjustable widths
Although the Trend guard is particularly suitable for stairs and passageways with steps due to its fixed screw joints, it can also be installed on doors and passageways without steps, if necessary.
Thanks to the EasyFix quick installation system with an adjustable width of 76 – 106 cm, Trend can be used quickly and simply in many different locations.
Design meets Safety
Design meets Safety safety guards - modern and safe
Design-oriented products gain increasing importance in every life situation. A lot of effort and money is put into the designing of living areas such as kitchens or living rooms. With the help of design-elements, the home is furnished beautiful and cosy. As a safety expert, reer responded to this trend and sets a clear standard with the DesignLine: beautiful design in line with highest safety!
With its one-piece wooden elements, Trend not only ensures a high level of safety, but also blends in harmoniously with your modern living ambiance.
Quick and easy mounting
Quick and easy mounting due to the EasyFix quick installation system
The aluminium rails of the EasyFix quick installation system can be installed quickly and effortlessly in just a few simple steps and without any tedious measuring. Then mount Trend onto the rails and installation is complete. To avoid damage on the door frame, EasyFix can also be installed in front of the doorway. If EasyFix is installed in several locations around the house (additional aluminium rails are available separately), the safety gate can be used everywhere individually. When not in use, the aluminium rails remain almost invisible. More information regarding the EasyFix quick installation system is available here.
Childproof safety gate locking system
Childproof safety gate locking system Active Lock with locking indicator
The double locking system of the functional handle makes it impossible for children to open the safety gate, but adults can comfortably operate it with one hand.
A colour indicator integrated into the handle shows whether the safety gate is closed correctly, thus ensuring an even higher level of safety.
A door and stair guard without a clamp frame
A door and stair guard without a clamp frame barrier-free and full passage width
Due to the fixed screw joint, Trend does not need a clamp frame. Thus, the guard provides a barrier-free passageway and is optimally suitable to be installed at the top of the staircase. The door element can be opened freely in both directions. A stopper is also provided in the scope of delivery.
Product details:
Product details:
  • adjustable gate width of 76-106 cm
  • installation height: 78 cm
  • material: aluminium, plastic, poplar
  • colour: anthracite, aluminium
  • contens: 1 x gate, 1 x assembly kit including water-level, 1 x baseboard set
  • suitable for children up to 24 months
  • if properly installed between two clean, dry and stable surfaces, the child safety gate complies with the standard EN 1930:2011

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