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TravelKid MaxiProtect protective seat cover


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  • anti-slip base for better grip on the child seat
  • extra-large surface, ideal for reborder seats 
  • protects against denting and dirt in the car 
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Product number: 86071
TravelKid MaxiProtect
TravelKid MaxiProtect Protective seat cover
Protection for your child and for your car
Protection for your child and for your car
Baby seats, rear-facing seats and child seats are normally positioned directly on your car’s upholstery, where sooner or later they leave permanent marks on the seat covers.
The TravelKid MaxiProtect protective car seat pad protects your car seats against impressions left by baby seats, as well as ensuring a safe grip for child seats.
The protective car seat pad is just one of the items in our new TravelKid range. These products ensure safety and order in the car and make journeys with children easier.
Efficient protection
Efficient protection protects against dirt and indentations
As child seats are mostly used over a long time period, over time indentations and fine cracks appear on your seat upholstery due to the weight and back-and-forth movement of the seat. The padding on the protective car seat pad protects the seat against indentations left by child seats.
Thanks to its additional foot section, which extends over the seat, the lower section of the back seat is also protected against dirt from children’s mucky shoes.
Extra large back section
Extra large back section ideal for rear-facing seats
In rear-facing seats, children travel in the car facing backwards. As a result, backrests can easily be damaged by children's dirty shoes.
The TravelKid MaxiProtect has an extra large backrest surface, therefore covering the whole height of the backrest. This reliably protects your backrest against dirt.
Safe and simple use
Safe and simple use thanks to its fastening strap, tuck-in flaps and anti-slip bottom
The protective seat pad can be used quickly and easily on all conventional seats. Simply lie it on the seat, slide the tuck-in flaps down between the seat and the backrest and finally attach the fastening strap to the headrest above. In doing so, you are ensuring a safe grip.
The non-slip material on both sides of the pad prevents the protective pad from slipping on the car seat and, at the same time, ensures that the child seat is firmly gripped by the pad.
Compatible with ISOFIX
Compatible with ISOFIX thanks to its recesses on the sides
The TravelKid MaxiProtect has recesses on its sides between the back section and the seat. ISOFIX connectors on child seats can be connected to vehicles’ ISOFIX devices through these without the protective pad getting in the way. As a result, this protective car seat pad is suitable for all child car seats, rear-facing seats, lie-flat baby seats and booster seats with ISOFIX attachment systems.
Practical pockets
Practical pockets for safe storage
The seat cover has a foot section with 2 integrated front net pockets. These provide practical storage space for books, games and lots more. This means that you and your children always have everything ready to hand during car journeys.
TravelKid Tidiness, safety and entertainment in the car
The new TravelKid range from reer includes various car accessories. The purpose of all the products is to make car journeys as pleasant as possible for your child and to protect your car against damage and dirt. In addition to protective pads, the range also includes back seat organizers, an organizer box and a drawing pad.
reer has placed great importance on quality and high-grade machining in their selection of materials. All products in the TravelKid range are produced from a water- and dirt-repellent material that is easy to clean.
Product details
Product details
  • anti-slip base for better grip on the child seat
  • extra large surface, ideal for reborder seats
  • protects against denting and dirt in the car
  • ISOFIX-compatible
  • easy to clean thanks to its water and dirt-repellent material
  • practical pockets for better organisation
  • suitable for all common car seats
  • dimensions: 46 x 120 cm
  • ideal for use with the TravelKid range: the TravelKid organizer box for even more storage space or the TravelKid Entertain car back seat organizer for protecting your car’s back seats

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