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Socket protector, glueable, transparnt, 10 pcs


  • protects from dangerous electrical accidents
  • childproof: can only be unlocked by plug pins
  • with adhesive label for easy assembly
  • easy to remove - ideal for use in rental accommodation
  • suitable for all standard sockets of various manufactures
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Product number: 32059

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Socket protector
Socket protector Protection against dangerous electrical accidents
Small and effective: protects against electrical accidents
Small and effective: protects against electrical accidents
For toddlers in particular, sockets are a very enticing prospect. But if young children insert their fingers or sharp objects into a socket, this can lead to an electrical accident involving severe burns and serious injuries. For this reason, effective socket protection is one of the most important measures for making homes child-proof.
Our socket protector enables reliable protection against dangerous electrical accidents and makes your home a little safer.
Particularly child-proof
Particularly child-proof thanks to turn mechanism
To protect your child, the socket’s holes are only exposed when both of the plug’s pins are pressed into the depressions in the child safety device and simultaneously turned. This means that the socket protector cannot be opened with pens or knitting needles. When the plug is pulled out, the socket protector closes automatically. So if your child pulls the plug out, the mechanism will close independently and the socket will be protected immediately.
Rapid removal and installation without tools
Rapid removal and installation without tools adhesive socket protector
Following the removal of the protective film, the protector can simply be stuck in the socket. Simply press firmly for 60 seconds – and you’re done. No additional tools are required. The extra-strong 3M adhesive tape and full-surface adhesion guarantee a reliable hold, even for frequently used power sources. Once protection is no longer required, the protector can be removed by heating for a short period using a hairdryer.
Quality and safety
Quality and safety Tested according to strict standards
We have been developing safety products to offer children maximum protection for almost 100 years. We have been able to gain countless experience in the production of socket protectors over 45 years of development, enabling us to offer your little ones the best protection against electrical accidents. This is also confirmed by external safety experts. Our socket protector has successfully passed adhesion tests, durability tests, heat tests and stress tests in laboratories and in practice (take a look at our test video ). Thanks to the use of extra-strong adhesive tape, the socket protector retains its adhesion even under considerable stress and remains in the socket reliably. The strength of the material was chosen to ensure that it lends the protector shatterproof stability while not impairing the functionality of the socket. The turning mechanism remains effective even after more than 4,000 openings – longer than childhood lasts.
All-round pack
All-round pack Set of 10 items
Many sockets are situated near the ground, which means that more than one socket protector is usually required. With our set of 10, you can easily childproof a multitude of sockets. The large number included means they are a worthwhile addition not only for home use but also for grandparents’ houses, if the socket protectors from your own childhood are no longer available.
Well-thought-out design
Well-thought-out design protection in plain transparent
Thanks to the transparent look and the white adhesive strip, the socket protection is optically absolutely inconspicuous and fits harmoniously into any environment. Its simple design also prevents the protection from attracting your child's attention and thus the interest in sockets.
Product details
Product details
  • can only be unlocked with a plug
  • closes automatically when the plug is pulled out
  • simple and quick to fit thanks to adhesive tape
  • dimensions: 3.2 cm x 3.6 cm
  • colour: transparent
  • contents: pack of 10

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